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MG MGF Technical - Definitive solution to Trophy air filter

I've searched the archives and read several articles re changing the air filter on the MGF Trophy in an attempt to increase engine power.

Is there a definitive recommendation from any respected body as to the merits of bothering to change at all?

The advice in the archives seems to be conflicting with some owners suggesting that the Trophy gains its extra power from having the worthwhile breathing recommendations already incorporated.

I'm not interested in a "heavier breathing" noise just improved power and response.


David AP

I've changed the airbox on my Trophy to a Pipercross Viper Evo filter system and have noticed better throttle response and acceleration.
Blue Pocket Rocket

I think the Trophy has the same induction setup as the TF, so this thread should be relevant to you:


David, if you already have the stock Trophy set up and want better power and response , my advice FWIW would be to change the exhaust manifold first and replace the paper air filter with a foam one. As it happens I developed the Viper Evo for Piper cross on the Trophy/160 engine after we had established that the stock Viper was inadequate after about 150ish BHP and for the manifold will give better results.

This thread was discussed between 30/11/2005 and 01/12/2005

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