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MG MGF Technical - DEi_CryO²

anyone looking for Xmas present ideas?

not seen these mentioned on the BBS before.²™_Air_Intake_Kits_NEW_1528.asp
paul weatherill

Interestingly enough, also on the same sight:

Here's MOMO's steering boss kit for the MGF models fitted with an airbag as standard. Designed specifically for the MGF and will extinguish the airbag warning lamp and allow you to fit any of the MOMO road or motorsport steering wheels with suitable centres.
paul weatherill

The Cryo2 air intake kit works, from the description, as a heat transfer unit designed to extract heat from the air intake, it is a bulb filled with liquid CO2 and this draws heat out of the air in the induction system as it passes over it. However, over time this liquid CO2 will condense due to the extracted heat warming it up, so in addition to the bulb you also need the installation kit (a tank of liquid CO2 to replenish the bulb), so the Cryo2 bulb is £127.55 and the (necessary) installation kit is an additional £305.24. If you are going to spend £432.79 on a Cryo2 cooling system you might as well get the fuel rail one too, for only an additional £100.84, making the complete kit £533.63. Interestingly there are no power claims on the site for these products...

The theory seems to be sound, cold air = denser = more oxgen = more power when burned, it's doing the job of an intercooler, but not compressing the air. Seems to me to be expensive and you'll have to find space for the tank (which i assume will need recharging every so often). Nice idea though.

The MOMO steering boss just switches off the air bag warning light - means you don't have an airbag. If it does what it claims to do then the seatbelt pre-tensioners will still fire in the case of an accident (if the warning light is on the entire system is disabled), but i still feel that removing the driver's airbag is a retrograde step - why can't MOMO come up with a wheel with an airbag?

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