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MG MGF Technical - Desparate

I have just overhauled my MGF following a HGF. I have done about 80 km at less than 2500rpm and I am blowing smoke (dis so right from go - but thought was just oil etc in barrels etc)and have water in the oil again!!!

I replaced the rings all gaskets, overhauled the head and am now absolutely desperate. What can be the problem.

Please help


AN de Laborde

That should read "DESPERATE"!!!


What did the cylinder head look like when you lifted it? The alloy can go soft, and the cylinder liners make deep indentations into the material - resulting in something like that shown in the photos here:

Which type of gasket have you used to bolt things back together? It is possible that the elasteromeric seal has failed again - although for this to happen in such short order is unusual.

The only approach here is to disassemble and see whether you can find the problem, if only to prevent it from occurring again...

Good luck!

Rob Bell

Thanks - but the head was in good nick - and I had it skimmed. Also replaced all valvestem seals and had the valves reseated.

I used the dealer supplied gasket - they were adament that it was the correct and only one for the car.


AN de Laborde

When my HG went the garage ( local mg specialist ) rebuilt the engine and started it up only for water and oil to mix - they had nicked the elasteromeric seal , so much upon removal was really difficult to see, strip down , new gasket and rebuilt again - he wasnt happy .
D Jamieson

Why did the head need skimming? That to me is always a pointer that it has had surface damage, the primary cause of which will be softness in the head face. Alloy heads can soften dramatically if overheated badly and once soft gasket failure will occur sooner or later.

If you fitted one of the multi-layer gaskets incorporating the head save shim, did you go through the correct procedure for bonding the shim coating onto the head?

Where in NZ are you/who did the job?
Paul Walbran


I might have nicked the elasteromeric seal - I put the head in place on my own and did battle a bit.

Paul - I am in Thames and did the job on my own, but had the head serviced locally. the skim was only 3thou of an inch. There was no sign of any damage or indentations on the head at all (before or after).

I did not fit a multilayer gasket. I did query with Johnstones BMW Hamilton to confirm if they had sent me the correct gasket as I was aware that there were various options, but they were adamant that it was the correct one. The gasket set was imported from Rover UK.

No over heating of the engine has taken place of that I am aware.


AN de Laborde

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