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MG MGF Technical - Diagnosing a stange noise

Hello All,
I am new to the MGF (but not to cars) and have a strange problem that I cannot diagnose.
Occasionally there is a strong buzzing/vibrating kind of noise which seems to be from the rear of the car.
Declutching and changing engine revs has no effect.
Applying hand-brake does change the sound slightly as does applying foot-brake.
Sound does change as speed drops.
Only way to stop the sound completely seems to be to come to a full halt and it stops a fraction of a second later.
It seems to be getting more frequent - every quarter mile on my last run.
It has me beat - any ideas please!
Thanks, John

John, had exactly the same problem for the past 4-5 weeks. The only thing it can be is worn wheel bearings, or gear box bearing. Had both checked on mine and everything was fine. My mechanics advice was to keep driving to see if anything developed. 4/5 weeks later nothing new. Getting used to it now, you can always turn the radio up a bit! P.S how old is your car? VVC or MPi? Davey.

Davey, Thanks for the input.
It certainly is an unusual noise, not like bearing problems that I have had in other cars which rumbled rather than buzzed! I don't fancy driving round just waiting for something to go really wrong but if that is the only solution then so be it.
It's a '97 MPi model that I bought third-hand in December.
Regards, John

I know exactly what you mean john, ive heard nothing like it either.Dont worry to much about it ive been re assured that mine is completely safe and as i said before nothing further has happened.Could be just one of those things you got to live with.(MGFs are known for strange little noises).Mines a 98MPi, could it be an MPi thing ? Guys?.... Davey.

Just a thought...

If you get the car up, so the rear tires are free of the ground (please do this safe with the right support on both sides of the car) the you can put the car in the 1 gear and hear if you can hear the noise. So you now if it is the engine or gearbox.

good luck,

A. de Graaf

It's not the remote oil filler/ dipstick assembly rattling/buzzing away is it?
Mine certainly buzzes at certain engine speeds...
Rob Bell

Might be worth checking that the rear shock absorbers are still attached at the axle end!

The bushes on my '97 were in very poor condition last year.... It could be rubbing on something (like the brake disk...)


Thanks for the inputs, I will certainly check those items.
It does seem to be getting more frequent so I hope that it becomes easier to diagnose.
Happy motoring, John

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