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MG MGF Technical - Diameter of Induction tubing!

As the title suggests I would like to know what diameter of cold air induction tubing folk use for the K&N filter kits etc....and what has been found to be the maximum diameter of tubing! Also what sort of lengths of tubing are used!

The reason I ask is that I have a 57i K&N kist but no induction tubing...I went to halfords last weekend and all they had was what looked like coiled baking foil.....baltently not robust I've decided to go for hover/vac hose.....just wondered what size etc....

Many thanks
Jack Dillon

The standard fitment is of two lengths of about 2-3 feet each of hose of around 60mm in diameter.

I would have thought the Halfords reinforced siver paper stuff would be fine - and would certain handle the engine heat better than what you suggest.

Either way you probably need to improvise some sort of reinforced collar for the lower end to prevent damage.
Peter Ambrose

I tried using the Halfords 'bacofoil' stuff and i had three sets tear to shreads in under a week.

If you still intend to go down this route, i would suggest beefing the ends up with copious amounts of tape, electrical/carpet/gaffer whatever.

It is important that the pipes face forwards under the car, routing them to the side air intake is only effective with a fully enclosed filter element such as the ITG Maxogen or Piper Viper. The K+N needs a ram-air effect to get cold air to the filter element, otherwise it draws hot air from the engine bay. Cold air = denser = contains more oxygen.

Scarlet Fever

Often thought about this one myself......i.e whether to buy some extra tubing and have cold air coming from the side intakes as well......I have looked into RB's rover 800 box idea but just haven't got round to visiting the scrap yards! What would you reccomend as an alternative to bacofoil? Why is the vac hose as Jack suggested not a good idea...surely the temp in the engine wouldn't be sufficient to melt the stuff!?

<<temp in the engine wouldn't be sufficient to melt the stuff>>

Depending where you put the hoses, they maybe in close proximatey to your exhust manifold.

Believe me, the temprature off that will melt anything.

paul weatherill

70mm Tumble drier ducting (available in plastic or alluminium) from B&Q does the trick. It is also wire renforced so a lot stronger than the Halfrauds stuff.
Steve White

I've seen some lovely purple tubing lying along the M1.
Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed on 04/04/2003

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