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MG MGF Technical - Different MGF Model Types

I'm buying a R registered MGF next week. I'm told that the difference between the '97 and '98 is a 3rd (center) brake lamp.

Are there other changes that can identify different models.

For example, leather gear knob ?

Any extra tips other than those in the archive to help negociate the price ?

Cheers, Gareth (imminent MGF owner).

1.8i or VVC, as the spec levels differ?

Roger Parker

A 1.8 VVC. Registered on an R plate '98.


A 'proper' stuck-on MG badge in the centre of the steering wheel as opposed to the black moulded afair on the earlier cars, erm... Soft-top made in less pieces (two I think on the later cars)?
Paul Lathwell

Very little to choose from the two model years- other than minor trim differences (that coloured MG badge on the steering wheel, HLBL, slightly different hood and sealing design, different hardtop mounts, slightly different front under body spoiler etc.). No changes that have any real impact on your driving enjoyment!

Haggle hard!

Rob Bell


Have to agree that the 1998 model has a softtop with a single piece of fabric covering the top to just infront of the rear screen. Also agree that the centre brake light became standard in that year as did the coloured badge in the middle of the sterring wheel. HOWEVER it am not sure when in 98 they came in and could be late in the year.

The leather gear nob was and is available as an upgrade. It also comes as standard with the full leather trim - simple eh!

Hope you get the car for a good price (for you both!) and that you have a ball with it.



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