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MG MGF Technical - Dim Headlights

I have 1998 Abingdon, the nearside dipped headlight seems to be a lot less bright than the offside; I have tried changing bulbs but it does not seem to have made much difference, do I need to change the headlight unit, over 100??

Jon Osborne

This sort of thing is often a poor earth connection. Find out where the earth return is located and check it out. If you like you can take a length of wire and make a temporary connection from the headlamp unit back to the negative battery terminal and see if that improves it. Then you would know if it is the earth or not.
Mike Howlett

If you haven't owned the car for all it's life the offside unit may have been replaced more recently. Otherwise see 'chrome headlight' thread for most likely cause. Being able to see at night isnt really optional, especially if it is a daily drive car in the winter. It will be more than 100 but money well spent IMO. Alternatives are possible rechroming of the bowl or even stick on reflective tape(let us know Erik!) But for practical purposes get the new one then repair the old as a spare.
C.R.B. Simeon

This thread was discussed on 23/10/2006

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