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MG MGF Technical - dimensions of 57i cone

Can anyone supply me with the actual dimensions of the filter supplied with the 57i induction kit please.I'm going down the Rob Bell 820 air box route and i've seen on K&N website that you can purchase a clamp on unit(cylindrical or tapered) and was wondering if i could use one of these in place of the 57i especially considering the price difference!thanks in advance.


Forgot to show link i was looking at


I think both K&N filters are identical and Kinnor in Cheshire can supply either a complete kit or just the cone filter. There is a piece of angled hose which fits between the filter and the throttle and if you leave this off your performance will suffer, (sorry, I can't remember the detail but it's in the archive).

For a while and at Robb's suggestion, I used a K&N enclosed in an 8 inch flower-pot and the filter had about 1 inch clearance all the way round, with a similar taper. I've since replaced this with a viper kit and there has been no change in performance. The advantage of a proper enclosure would be the ease of inspecting the filter, because it does require regular chacking for build-up of dirt.


Thanks chris have acquired a 820 air box so will dim check it myself.btw have also acquired the top of a 2.8 cologne air filter and would u believe it will actually fit (with a little help)the passenger air intake!I can feel some large diy escapades approaching:)

Kev, are you going to put the filter in the nearside air intake? This is a great idea - and I know someone who did exactly this and it worked superbly.

I have measured up the K&N filter before, but unfortunately, I can't recall where I put the dimensions - sorry. Will have to have a dig around at home - unless someone else can help out?

Chris - interesting to hear about your observation. Tom and I have got near identically specified 1.8MPis - but he has an ITG Maxogen, and I've got an enclosed K&N. The power curves are near identical!!!
Rob Bell

I will dig out my K&N and do a drawing of it if any one is interested.

Rob I will email it to you when I have done.

As Rob mentioned we both have nearly identical cars and yep the curves are nearly identical although I think from memeory the ITG gives a sligthly smoother power curve but not a lot in it.

Tom Randell

Here's the evidence from an early attempt -

We've since got comparative RR data from G-Force, and now the curves are even closer, although I think that Tom still has a bhp or two on me ;o)
Rob Bell

Never thought of mounting it inside the vent Rob !What i'm planning is as per your website but i've also removed the resonator box so that i have enough room to fit the cologne filter lid to the kidney shaped vent tube ie a sealed pipe from vent to filter.

The cologne filter lid idea sounds very interesting Kev - I look forward to seeing it/ reading more when it's completed :o)

I now have the drawings that Tom made up - will host onto a website shortly :o)
Rob Bell

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