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MG MGF Technical - Dip beam lights won't work

My sidelights, and main beam are working but both left and right dip are not.
I have checked the bulbs and these are working. The fuses are both fine, but
there is no power to the bulbs. I checked the bulb connector and nothing.

I eventually removed the steering wheel cover, and found that
there is a large plug connecting to the lighting stalk, this has 5 wires
2 brown which are live (ie 12 volt all the time) a red wire which is live only
in dip amd main (presumably side lights) a blue/white wire which is live
only on flash and 2nd pull (so this must be main) and a blue/pink wire which
is live only on the last stalk position so presumably the dip. So this seems to work,
so I assume its not the stalk.

I went to halfords to get a haynes manual but there isn't one for mgf, I found that
the right hand side wire is blue/black and the left is blue/white for the dip, again
bulbs ok but just no power. I don't know where to go next.

does anyone have a wiring diagram ? presumably the blue/pink wire goes to the fuses where
it splits to two (left and right) and then to the bulbs or is there a relay unit for the dip beam ?

Can you help ?
B Buick

Brian, just a guess but it could be the switch (if not the relay).I think they come from a rover 600 so you could try one from a breakers yard for a couple of quid and see if that fixes it.
You seem to have checked all the obvious things.

soembody who knows the F more intimately than me will probably confirm that there is indeed a relay for the headlights, and where it's located etc.

Start at beginning
Current for headlights supplied through main lighting fuse link 1 (40 Amp) under bonnet. From fuse to headlight/dip switch via two Brown wires.
From this switch current is supplied via Blue /Pink wire to each of the fuses 10&11 under the dash. Then from there to the individual dip lights.
Blue /White from the switch supplies the two fuses under the dash (satellite box) fuses 21&22 for main beam.

So... if both dip beams fail to work at the same moment then suspect the mechanics/electrics of the switch. Prove it by jumping a short length of wire from the Brown wire to the Blue/Pink wire on the switch. If the dips now work then there is something wrong with the switch. Do the dips work with the main beam on? They should.

Another possible fault from your description is that the Blue /Pink has come adrift from the rear of the fuse block where it connects to the fuses 10&11 dip beams. Your description indicates that the switch is OK.


Bruce Caldwell

PS Let us know what it was when you find it!


Bruce Caldwell

Oh and PPS..... No relay
Bruce Caldwell


thanks for your help, I had assumed there was a relay that was used and perhaps one of the 3 relays next to the fuses.

I don't suspect that it is the switch as I connected to the back of the connector on the back of the switch and to a Blue/pink wire which is 12 volts only when the stalk switch is at the last position which is where the dip beam would be, so I suspect with this going live it is somewhere between the switch and fuse and the lamps. What I'm going to do is connect to the righthand blue/black wire that goes to th bulb and see if I can trace this back to the fuse. I'll let you know if I get anywhere.
B Buick


Blue/black wire on bulb should trace back to fuse 11.

But is fuse 11 live when dips are switched on? If not then problem lies between fuse 11&10 and the stalk switch.

Bruce Caldwell

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