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MG MGF Technical - Dirty shock

Took the wheels off today and noticed that the rear shock (Spax) on the passenger side was covered in a black oily gunge, Just the bottom half. Any ideas what could cause this ??? The other three shocks were pretty clean.

Sounds as though that damper is leaking oil - and has failed. It will need replacing - and you'll have to replace in pairs. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :o(
Rob Bell

What sort of cheapskate would buy oil dampers?
You pays your money....

Neil Stothert

Ohlins - that's what you want Steve - as fitted to the latest Renault Clio "Trophy" (heard that name before somewhere... ;o) )

Come complete with a remote resevoir for better thermal tolerance...

UK distributor:

Might cost a couple of pennies more than a set of Spax though... ;o)
Rob Bell

Nik,I would advise you to clean of the oily residue and monitor where the oil is coming from, pull down the damper and see if you can see any leaks from around the rod. As a guide if it is dirty oil then it is likely to be from the engine or even a driveshaft boot that has split. Clean oil can be from the shock or gearbox.
For information I don't know of ANY shocker of this design that doesn't use oil as a damping medium combined with a gas pocket, Spax is certainly no different to other products on the market and have a history of over 50 years manufacturing in the UK.

Neil, you know what sort of cheapskate I am !!! One who pays the full amount and a bit more to get it right in the end.
Mike, I was working along those lines at the weekend but have left half of my finger behind. Well a good chunk of it anyway. Cleaned everything up, put on the wheel, spun the wheel and caught finger in spokes. God knows how but I did and it still bleedin hurts. I will have another look when finger has grown back.

Rob Bell

you just can't put a finger on the problem!
Bruce Caldwell

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