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MG MGF Technical - Discoloured door handles

At the Stonleigh show on Sunday I noticed that several of the older F's, mainly red ones, had got "faded" door handles.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so can it be recitified without having to purchase replacement handles.

My F is now 5 1/2 years old and the handles are just starting to discolour. (I have never used any car wax or "T" cut on them.)

Many thanks.

Andy Beard

I am not certain but if you try T-Cut on it then the colour will prob be restored, i remember on some other cars especially red ones the paint gets oxidised by the sun and T-cut removes this bringing back a brilliant shine...

Someone else may have a better answer, but mine would be try T-Cut :0))
Nick Walters

Scarlet suffers from this phenomenon - wing mirrors are affected too. I heard a rumour that this is one of the main reasons they replaced Flame Red with Solar, i was told that it is less prevalent to fading.

Anyway, been meaning to sort this out for ages and ages, but, as usual, it's at the bottom of my 'must do' list!

Scarlet Fever

I used 'Brasso' to restore my door handles and mirrors
(Flame red).
I find this is not as Abrasive as normal T-Cut.

There are definately products available to restore dis-coloured paint other than T-CUT. Unfortunately i cannot remember the brand names. I'm sure a trip to Halfords would help...
jo king

andy dont know if you noticed my red f at stonleigh but i have put chrome on mine and mirrors and air intakes just another alternative perhaps. Dave T6 DCM
david morris


Did it easily restore the colour with the brasso and what if any are the long term effects, ie even worse discolouration?

Dave, I did see your F at the show and liked the handles, but I did want to try and keep the "original look", possibly without having to buy replacement handles!!

Many thanks, let me know any more suggestions.



Andy Beard


I have thought about that in the past, and certainly on an F the chromed handles and mirror sets IMO look cool.

However, my long-term intention is to de-chrome the exterior of Scarlet by substituting the majority of polished components with painted ones. To this end i have mad a start with painted headlamps and wheels. I intend to paint the door handle surrounds cream (to go with Scarlets' red/cream colours) and keep the handles red. Not sure about the mirror backs though, will probably get hold of a spare set so that i can dismantle them and spray the black parts as well...

All in the future at the moment though, 3rd MOT is due tomorrow and have my fingers crossed that there aren't any nasty surprises...

Scarlet Fever


>>>>>>my long-term intention is to de-chrome

David Bainbridge

If the Discolouration is really bad then Brasso probably won't help that much, but if it isn't too bad it's worth a try.
I've used it many times and have found it very good.
You can clean and polish your tail pipes with it aswell!

I bought some plastic polish for my rear window in the soft top & find its brilliant on the door handles, mirror backs as well as the window, re-instating the colour on mirrors & door handles I don't know if it is available in the U.K. but it is "Mothers" brand plastic polish sold in Australia through Autobarn outlets.

Alan Mackew
Alan Mackew

>> Scarlet,

>>>>>>my long-term intention is to de-chrome


Don't worry David, Scarlet's interior contains LOADS of 'shiny bits' and i intend for it to stay that way!



Interior spec:

Alloy mirror adjusters
Alloy heater control knobs
Alloy handbrake button
Chromed ashtray
Chromed cigarette lighter
FX Alloy speaker covers
FX polished alloy windstop.
Scarlet Fever

Alan, Mark

Thanks for the advice....I have the "Greygate" polish as commonly advertised via the MGF register, has anyone tried that on the door handles / mirrors and if so what were the results?

I like the idea of brasso with the tail pipes, as mine are begining to look a bit dull in places! Does brasso take off any "protective film" that may be on the pipes?

Thanks for the posts.


Andy Beard

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