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i have a price on a downpipe and flexi 70 pounds all in as mine is poor mgr said. could it be possible for me to fit a a new one if so what do i need for the job?? ramps which i could get

anyone get back to me on this ...

also my car starting to shake 60 mph and 70 after that
it runs fine

please get back to me ...

darren jeffery

Hi, your shaking which then clears at a higher speed is almost certainly wheel balance - if you feel it through you bum rather than the wheel check the rears( another thread going in a bum direction, what's going on!) Someone did a flexi repair recently but can't remember who, I think the biggest problem would be corroded bolts etc - I don't know if the lambda sensor would need to come out but these can shear and are also sensitive so be careful with it.


Replacing the flexi is simple enough, but for two things:

1. the nuts at the cat end may be well rusted and difficult to shift - depends on whether you've fitted stainless to avoid this. Even so I broke a stud on the cat doing this.

2. the manifold end has limited access and you'll need one of those socket set accessories that provides an offset/kinked approach to the nut - I can never remember the name of the things (help someone!)

Once armed with the wibbly wobbly socket thingy I was able to do this job with the car on axle stands.

If your potential replacement downpipe and flexi is second-hand I'd suggest an alternative apporach. I tried a second hand one, but it went again within another year. The alternative is to have an aftermarket (and higher quality) flexi section welded into your existing downpipe. I'm talking to a well-respected manifold/exhaust company that are considering doing this on an exchange basis. They'd send you a downpipe with a new flexi and you'd send them back your old downpipe and broken flexi. I can couch for the quality of their work and the aftermarket flexis that they use. These flexis are stronger and likely to last longer than the oem version. Email me if you want to explore this option. They've not costed out the job yet, but the idea was it would be no more expensive than the second hand route.

Dave Livingstone

If you want to play with big boys toys ;-)

this shows the pipe section you need, I had no trouble with the cat nuts - the grinder saw them off in short order, but mine had been replaced by bolts by someone in the past, and the other end fell out and was easily replaced with new. You may have to drill out the studs if you take this approach.
Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 01/07/2005

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