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MG MGF Technical - DIY Maxogen

Hello folks,

As some of you might know I'm building a DIY Maxogen from glassfiber. If anyone is interested, I've made a small site for it:

It's full of spelling and grammar errors, but MS Word died and I refuse to check by hand ;)

Just in case one of you also wanted to make one, you can avoid my mistakes.

D Fleurbaaij

Impressive Dennis! Well done! :o)
Rob Bell


Let's find a scrappy


I was wondering what kind of product the orange hose in your 800 airkit was made of ? I'm looking for the same sort of material but all I can find is dryer-style white hose.

D Fleurbaaij


Good site - well done, and well done too for actually making your induction kit (2 steps further than me, and one step further than Rob) :-)

I seem to recall that Rob got his orange air induction hose from Demon Tweaks (might be wrong here, but i seem to recall this from the discussions about his Rover 820 airbox on this forum a while ago). I also seem to remember Rob saying that it was expensive and that it probably could be had cheaper elsewhere.

Andrew (SF)
Scarlet Fever

AHA! Finally found it. It costs 17 euros per meter and is available within 50 km, so I'm going for that one.

Another question: what diameter hose do I need, I know I've read it somewhere but I can't seem to find the width of the pipe at the throttle body :/

I think it was 70mm, but can anyone confirm that ?
D Fleurbaaij

70mm, see email as well.

@ Andy, Rob, this was most fun with community works, was it ?
And kinda mods I really like.

Dieter K.

Good job Dennis !
Really impressive how you could handle the epoxy, fibre and other things I just remember as very sticky. Good idea to use 'oase'.

Just curious to know how the filter is attached to the box.... but I guess I will find out on your website soon ;o)



The glue cost me 6.5 brushes, 21 latex gloves, 2 newspapers, one sisor and a lot of work getting it off various surfaces.

So yeah, sticky is the right word ;)
D Fleurbaaij

Dieter - agreed! :o) :o)

Dennis, it was purchased, as Andy says, from Demon Tweeks. It was rather expensive too for what I got, so if you can find it for less, then good for you! Who did you get yours from?

Yup, my ducting was 70mm, although the Maxogen uses 100mm tube. Depends on how you designed the 'box.

Looking forward to seeing the next instalment! :o)
Rob Bell

Very interesting your work.

But I would like to add some comments, cause I've got lots of previous experiences building glass fiber objects.

The first layer you used seem a kind of pressed fiber mat. It's too rigid and is very difficult to give it the shape you want. It's better starting using a glass fiber tissue layer, with it's characteristic squares pattern. Very flexible, very regular cover. Later you could use a glass fiber matt (the threads in irregular directions). If the mat is too thick, delaminate it to build half thickness mats, more flexible.

And finally, I allways use epoxy resin to build with fiber glass. It don't attack the foam of the model. Press the succesive layers with a metal roll, to eliminate the air among layers (source of lackness of rigidity, and holes)

Ah. If you want a REALLY IMPRESIVE LOOK, finish it VERY WELL with sandpaper and cover it with an external layer of carbonfiber tissue...

And one question. How did you remove the green stuff from the finished piece?

Happy new year

Jose Vte. Escarti


Thank you for the advise ! Before I started the project I've searched on the internet on how to work with this stuff but found nothing. But thanks for the advise, I'll keep it in mind when I build something else.

You've answered one of my primary questions on how to begin and how to combine it with carbonfiber.

The green stuff was removed by a screwdriver and some other scraping tools. The mold was never designed to survive the project.

For the finishing, I was thinking of sanding it totaly clean and spray-painting it black. It lives in the engine compartment and therefore is just destigned to get very dirty and black.

Happy newyear !
D Fleurbaaij

Nice hints, thank you !! Didn't know about it.

Can't speak for Dennis though, but I add my humble thoughts. I think the problem is sourcing for the different materials you mentioned. *where to buy ?*

Never seen a different range of glas fibre mats in DIY car supplies shops I know. Although epoxi resin is usually disliked in *standard* shops due to health troubles if wrong used. Polyester resin is less 'dangerous' and more familiar.

Anyway, looks like having a look for sources. The only I know is a german company with online shop. (almost just Carbon materials)
May be an option for Dennis for the finishing.
This link is from a german friend who did some carbon works with his MGF

Happy New Year

Dieter K.

Ooops, written parallel ;)
Dieter K.


Well I can get carbon and glassfiber matts at the local hardware shop. Not at the car-parts/tuning shop.

As I live in a small 10k person town I figure they must be quite easy to come by.
D Fleurbaaij

I usually buy all kind of material in a big Paint shop (not the PaintShop Pro...). They have fiberglass tissues of a pair of "square" sizes, fiberglass mat, and the fiberglas rigid pressed mat. They have also carbon fiber tissue (not cheap, but is only one layer...) and both epoxy and polyester resin. I usually use poliester resin cause it have no solvants that damage foams (such porexpan and so...) No problem to use it in a good aired room. (At least, I hope it!!!!)

Feel free to email me if you want any aditional information.

P.S.: Ah, Dieter, this month I have money enough to buy the chromdesign items finally!!!!


Oooops! Sorry!

When I said "I usually use poliester resin cause it have no solvants that damage foams", what I wanted to say was that I usually use EPOXY resin (two components)a little more expensive than polyester, cause polyester resin attacks porexpan, and lots of time, my models were made of it.


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