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MG MGF Technical - DIY Tracking MGTF 135

Hi all,
Has anyone got a step by step DIY tracking instructions for a 2002 mgtf 135?, something that can be done at home on the (level) driveway using only basic tools like, string, ruler, common sense etc, etc?



Can you get hold of a set of dunlop guages?

There are plates that you put on the floor and then run over them that give a reading.
I think gunsons made one.
An old method was a tracking bar an extenable bar with marked divisions on the extending bit,could be possible to make as a one car model type option.But with modern cars part of the suspension might get in the way.Worth a try.

A bit of string I have heard of this but string is flexible and elastic.

Without the most accurate equipment just try and set parallel.

As in most things its not how good you tools are its how good you use them.
Joe one

I was right here is the gunsons one

and I have seen this used at many garages and tyre suppliers to get a quick reading.
Joe one

thanks for your responses.
I know that I can buy things to do the tracking but I really want to do it by first principles if at all possible.

This thread was discussed on 21/04/2007

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