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MG MGF Technical - Do mud flaps work?

I am heartily sick of cleaning mud and manure off the side of the car. Do the MGF mudflaps work, and keep the car cleaner? Or, are they just for decorative purposes only? Has anyone any before and after experience?


The answer is yes they do. Had a trip around some very narrow, wet, muddy roads in Northamptonshire last weekend and they definately kept the muck off. Better still, they tend to reduce tar spots and stone chips. Got mine painted (Nightfire) from Trident Garages - they look better than just plain black. Took about an hour to fit. Well worth the money.

David Dewick

Thanks David. Just nipping out to buy some!

Chris, Get them from B&G for 45 a set instead of the 90 that Rover charge for identical items. Hope you read this in time though!

Yes they do.

SF (who's got a real attitude about being stuck behind people without them at this time of year - go on ask about foglamps as well, then i can really have a moan!!)
Scarlet Fever

Ewan Ramage

Foglamps, no surely you mean 'millennium furry dice' that have to be displayed at all times.

Roger Parker

On the front to protect your car from a lot of chips, on the rear to protect the car behind you and increase visibility for the driver. The amount the spray is cut down in the wet is quite amazing.

For the totaly selfish who need a real personal reason, it makes it less likely the guy behind will run into your back because he can't see you :-).
Tony Smith

Thanks for the info Matt, I got delayed going to the dealers; well the car was dirty and I had to wash it, and then it was sunny so I had to drive round a bit with the roof down, and then I had to wash it.......
Ordering them from B&G today.

BTW SF didn't you know the reason they leave fog lamps on is to let the rest of us know that they are morons!


I agree with you regarding the "Foglight morons".

I used to live in Johannesburg where just about every BMW driver used to have front foglights on at night no matter what the weather was like.

Strange that most of the cars with foggies on all the time were those with an M badge stuck over the spot where the 316 badge used to be.


Over here (Geneva / France) Fiat Punto Turbo drivers use their foglamps all day long regardless of weather. Maybe its because they can't see very well.......hhmmmmm.

I think mudflaps on a roadster like the F make the car look like a dull slow family car, my opinion!

Must confess when I drive my wifes BMW 3 series at night sometimes I just cant resist switching the front driving lights on. Its that thing of have something to play with. All they really do is add a bit of width to the beam. They're not that powerful.

I used to have a Toyota Celica with pop-up headlights. I used to love flicking the headlamp washer switch and watch the lights pop up and get sprayed.

Very SAD!

Fortunately the F doesn't have such gimmicks apart from HGF to keep one mind occupied.



The front foglamp thing seems to be a bit of a fad at the moment. I wish the police would crack down on it cause it is bloody dangerous. Ive lost count of the number of times I have been dazzled by them recently.

Amazingly, there was quite a few cars driving in the recent foggy weather, equipped with front fogs, but they were switched off... _HELLO_?!?! The whole world's gone topsy turvey!

R585 ERO

Chris George

>> BTW SF didn't you know the reason they leave fog lamps on is to let the rest of us know that they are morons! <<

LOL - Many a true word spoken in jest.

Rear fog lights in any conditions other than SERIOUS poor visabilty (no normal rain doesn't count!!) is IMO, one of the most dangerous things you can do in a car. The amount of near misses i have had due to not regestering the brake lights comming on... If your in a traffic que, the person behind knows your there, therefore the fog lamps should be turned off.

Front fog lamps, well i know a few people who think they are driving lamps, idiots, all of them!! Honestly, driving lamps only illuminate when the main beam is on, anything else is a fog lamp. If it aint foggy, why are they on? I suspect small genitalia as a root cause myself - they must get their inadequacies from somewhere!!!!!

Scarlet Fever

Related to fog lamps, the other thing that bugs me is when, at night, people are driving round with just their side lights on, but their front fogs blazing. S'posed to look cool...?!? Or, their side light bulb is coloured.... AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH. There are loads of them round here, rich parents, 17 yr olds with Saxo VTR's...

... and scooters, oh don't get me started on scooters...

Chris George

Why don't you tell us something about scooters, then, Chris?
David Bainbridge


>. I wish the police would crack down on it cause it is bloody dangerous. Ive lost count of the number of times I have been dazzled by them recently.<

I know what you mean - it annoys me too and I try to 'educate' the miscreant fog light users whenever I can.

However, there is a fine line between fixing someone for having fog lights on who might be an otherwise law abiding citizen and the a*****le who wants to pose about!!

After all, we might rely on these 'law abiding citizens' to help us solve other more serious crimes.

This is my perspective on the henious crime of fog lights and not necessarily the opinon of other officers!!


Ewan Ramage

I know, I understand that this is a relatively minor crime compared to some (well most), its just annoying...

... scooters, ah scooters, this is more serious. The 'lads' round here who have ditched their push-bikes in favour of mopeds/scooters etc are really pushing the limit. They whine around with total disregard for traffic laws, they all congregate in the town centre (near a bus stop ;-) and with their helmets on the back of their heads (which is apparently 'cool') whine back and forth showing off... I'll leave it there otherwise I'll just go on and on and on...

Am I the only one who find the sudden influx of scooters annoying???

BTW, I'm not against motorcyclists at all, just the prats who hoon around on the 'strimmers on wheels'

R585 ERO
Chris George

Carefull boys, your getting fairly close to confirming most peoples fears about MG owners.
I think there is an age thing going on here !
Bring back Ted & Dirk.. all is forgiven.
Steve Brough

I don't think 26 is that old and I don't object to kids having the scooters just as long as they ride them properly.... ;-)

Anyway, getting back to mudflaps, yes they do work, they come as standard on my Abby, they don't look too bad and they stop alot of crud from spraying up the side of the car. The only problem I've found is they can catch on those 'temporary' type road humps, you know, the ones you get in carparks...

R585 ERO

Chris George

>. I wish the police would crack down on it cause it is bloody dangerous. Ive lost count of the number of times I have been dazzled by them recently.<

My mate has just been done for 'innappropriate use of front fog lights'...

....that'll teach him for driving and XR2i!!


>look like a dull slow family car

Small family? :-)

I think it would take a little more than mudflaps to make the F look like a dull slow family car.

>The only problem I've found is they can catch on those 'temporary' type road humps

It's the only problem I found also curb edges, at some residential junctions with a speed hump built in, catch my right (left for UK) mudflap.
Tony Smith

Ok I finally finished fitting the mudflaps to my small family car (child seat safely lashed to the boot, dog on the roof, picnic hamper screwed to the dashboard etc).
After fitting the front ones on Wednesday I did wash the car and the difference in two days motoring in the amount of muck on the side of the car is noticeable; I only hope the back ones, that I've fitted this pm, do as good a job.

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