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MG MGF Technical - Dodgy alternator?

I have got a problem with the alternator. It is charging the battery OK, but the voltage is unstable. It fluctuates between 13.5 and 14.5V, this is very noticeable when driving at night and seeing the headlights almost flashing.

I'm guessing the rectifier is on its way out. Does anyone agree and is it a bolt on part or a new alternator?

Thanks in advance
Richard P

New alt, IIRC the rectifier is internal.

Do you see the voltage on a meter - or are you guessing?
Will Munns

On a meter :(
Richard P

Check the large connector to the alternator. If it is loose it can cause the symptoms you describe. Bitter experience etc....


Bruce Caldwell

And if the connectors are fine,
you could try to sourcing a rectifier from second hand or a spare. High risk though.
May be, and this is unfortunately not approved, may be the Bosch p/n F 00M 145 269 will do it.


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