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MG MGF Technical - Does anyone know the spec of the techspeed mods?

got back into the country a couple of days ago after a long absence to find the car insurance is due for renewal tomorrow.

Wouldn't have been a big thing, except that I only started the ring around last night and discovered that the little visit the car paid to Techspeed early last year is of great interest to all the insurance companies I've rung.

They all want to know what was done. I have the list roy sent me, but the current insurance company (churchill) also want to know how much the car was lowered by!

Tried ringing Techspeed this morning, but they're not answering. Have managed to lose Roys mobile number and can't find any mention of the new height in the archive.....

At this late stage, I think I'm stuck. Can anybody tell me how much it was lowered by or suggest an insurance company that isn't that interested or knows who techspeed are and what they do?




You can measure how much it has been lowered. The official setting is (from memory) 367mm from the top of the front wheel arch to the centre of the wheel hub. If you measure yours the difference is the amount it has been lowered!

Also suspect you may not be presenting your mods in the best possible light for the insurance company. If you car is not in the first flush of youth then I would have thought the answer to the question "any mods?" is "well I have had to replace the shocks and used an independent garage rather than Rover as they were cheaper and specialized in this - I don't think this improves the performance Mr. Insurance man but want to be honest!"


Patrick Beet


Your car should be at around 330mm with the Techspeed lowering knuckles/Bilstein damper package. I can send you Roy's mobile number by email - I don't really want to put it on open forum.

Insurance does seem to be a bit of a lottery, but I've had the full TS suspension plus a number of other mods and never had any great problem using Peart Associates. You may wish to give them a try - 01539 730666.


Remember the ride hight is lower during the winter anyway as the gas contracts.
When my techspeed setup was done the car was made higher by the modifications as it was low on the hydrogas anyway.!

Thanks for the replies. I had another look at the archives and someone had mentioned that the drop was around 20mm, so that's what I told them and they seemed to be happy with it..

It seems the standard ride height is 368mm +/- 5mm (so the drop is a little more than the archive said -ooops!) measured from the underside of the front wheel arch to the centre of the wheel, this range is for measurements taken at 17C. For each 1C difference, there needs to be a 0.4mm correction (didn't actually say which way though).

Unfortunately, it wasn't 17C outside yesterday and not only do I avoid going outside when it's cold, but without a thermometer and a calculator I knew I was doomed to failure..

Dave, thanks for the offer of the phone number, I have to ring the guys during the week anyway (service time)so I'll grab if from Roy then.

Patrick, I tried the line that it wasn't a mod - it was to stop the car trying to kill me every time I braked! Didn't impress them at all.. I'll try your line next time.

Thanks again for all your help. Much apppreciated.


Elisabeth, I tried Patrick's method and it eventually caught up with me.
Hope to be out and about soon.
J. Archer

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