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MG MGF Technical - Does TF exhaust fit F?

Hi There

Does anyone know if the mgtf factory fitted exhaust + cat will fit my MGF?

PJ Pienaar

I think the answer is yes if your car is a MY2000 (with the colour coded window surround) or no if it is the orginal.

I am sure someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly!
Patrick Beet

thanks for the info Patrick!
PJ Pienaar

2 issues.

1 ) TF system (silencer and cat) will physically fit on an F (MY2K and Mk1), but on a Mk1 F (black windscreen surround) you will need to blank off the cat sensor hole with a suitable sized nut and some loctite or similar.

2 ) The TF has an exhaust flap on one of the tailpipe finishers, this should default to the open position if it isn't connected to the associated TF wiring / tubing, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Scarlet Fever

Thanks SF!
PJ Pienaar

I can't add much to what has already been said, but if you did have an early 'Mk1' MGF (pre 2000 model), then it is possible to fit a TF exhaust IF you buy a 90 degree adapter pipe. Mike Satur and the MGFC sell these so they can use the same aftermarket exhaust pipe on all models of car.

An example of what I mean is pictured here:
Rob Bell

Rob, is this the case if you are using the TF cat or is the pipe already built in?
Phil Brindley - Leicester

The TF cat already has the 'elbow' built in, so a TF exhaust and a TF cat will fit the older F exhaust design.

The exhaust layout actually changed in 2001. My car is a MY2000, year 2000 and has the older F-style layout, but MY200 cars built from 2001 have the new TF-style layout.

Hope that makes sense!
Ian Matheson

Phil, Ian's right: if you've got a post 2001 catalyst on your car, the the TF exhaust system will bolt straight on.

More here:
Rob Bell

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