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MG MGF Technical - Door Alignment

I have a 96 MGF and the door needs realigning as it has dropped slightly.I did a tempory bodge by removing the door and got it near, but it really needs adjusting with the door in situ. I assume the nearside wing would need to be removed to get at the bolts. Is this so? and how easy is this. I'm talking aroud 1/16 of an inch ie. 2-3 millimetre.

Sorry, pedantic head on but....

1/16 of an inch is more like 1.6mm (approx) :)
Paul Lathwell

Thanks Paul for the help on measurement,I'll substitute my figures for, small amount, or nats cod,but I still can't get at the bolts.I also apologise to any English professors for missing the n out of around and to our american friends for putting a s instead of a z in apologise. In my defense, I am typingly challenged.
Still can't get at the bolts!

Turn wheel full lock for access to wheel arch liner screws.
Remove 3 screws and 3 scrivets securing wheel arch liner.
Remove wheel arch liner to gain access to hinge bolts.

Good luck
John Thomas

After removing liner as described by our very able JT you will find tucked in a fold of the inner wing a book on typing skills and metric/imperial conversion tables - these are for some more important than tips on how to put right a fault on the *F*:-)

Ted Newman

Many thanks, John and Ted. If It ever stops Raining, I'll give it a go. Although in the past I have had a 59 MGA and a 74 mgb roadster, I was a little tentative about attacking a 10,000 motor. So the info is very much appreciated.By the way, nostalgia apart, THIS IS THE BEST. I love it.

Sorry Clive, I did not mean to come over as being nasty or anything - wish I could have helped TBQH. As I said just me being pedantic. ;-)
Paul Lathwell

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