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MG MGF Technical - Door lock Faults

Anybody help? I have a 2003 mgtf and no majic key code to over ride the lopcking system.
The passenger door locking mechanism upon activation of either opening or closing the door, using either the key fob or key through the drivers door, causes grinds and rattles like buggery and once in the car the immobiliser is activated within 20 seconds and I have to then press open on the key fob again to get the ignitiion to start. Anybody else had similar problems and how were they resolved? All info welcome, many thanks. Any advice on how to get a majic code to neutralise the mechanism by turning the key and entering the code, welcome, as usual; Rover do not seek to assist!!!!! any referals to web pages to assist - welcome, m any thanx. Cheers Nick


EKA codes for TF'S are readily available from any ex dealer who still deals with X-Part. You will need proof of ownership and ID.

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Nick - sounds like a faulty door lock to me, the code does not neutralise the system (or at least on the *F* it doesn't) it just allows you to do what the fob does if the fob is not working.

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Ted Newman

This thread was discussed on 09/02/2006

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