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MG MGF Technical - Double Headlamps

at night time only, when everyone has their car headlights on, I look into the drivers door mirror to see the traffic following behind, and for each vehicle, I get an extra set of faint headlamps, reflected in the glass.

Is it just me and my car?

It's just a feature of the anti dazzle mirror - everybody gets it :-)
David Clelland

okay Dave, if you say so!

If it's in the drivers door mirror it is just the internal reflections in the glass. Clean and polish the glass should help. The central rear view mirror does produce really weird effects because there are two layers of glass. The greater the anle of viewing the greater the separation of the two images.

Bruce Caldwell

<<I look into the driver's door mirror>>


Sorry, I really should read the post properly. I of course (wrongly in this case) was talking about the rear view mirror :-{

David Clelland

This thread was discussed between 16/01/2004 and 18/01/2004

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