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MG MGF Technical - Dreaded Inlet manifold leak

After having ongoing coolant leaking after HGF repair, with a number of posts here for advice, My car has just gone in for its 60,000 km service and the mechanic has found that the inlet manifold gasket (newly replaced during HG work) was leaking. Interestingly this did not show up on a 2 hour pressure drop test. The car used to lose approx a tespoonful of coolant each time I stopped requiring about a cup of coolant to be added to the tank each week to maintian the level. Is there a logical reason for this phenomena.
Phil Stafford

Old gasket was crap and perished AFAIK

Newer one is better material.

Not a major job. Happened to me when I first got the car and cost about 150 (about $300 aus)

if I knew then what I know now I would have done it myself as it's a fairly straightforward job although awkward.
Bob Millar

Phil get it seen to quickly you know how sensitive these engines are to coolant loss

not difficult really

'Easy' job, the new gasket is green and made from rubber, it is quite possible that it got a nick in it when fitting or the bolts are not done up tight or they reused the old gasket.

The old engines came with bolts to hold the manifold on, the new ones with studs in the head and nuts to hold the manifold on.
The studs are better as they allow you to hang the manifold on the engine whilst fitting.
The bolts are better because its easier to locate them in the bottom holes. If you have bolts then replace only the top line with studs to get the best of both worlds!
Will Munns

(sig update - back home now!)
Will Munns

Welcome back Will - I trust you had a good trip?
Rob Bell

still here, and bombay airport using airport transfers sevenoaks is a lot worse to get out thru than get in thru!
Will Munns

I guess it was nicked during install as suggested by Will. Repair cost was 1 hour labour +A$29.95 for the gasket. Cheap enough I guess.
Phil Stafford

This thread was discussed on 05/07/2004

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