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MG MGF Technical - Driver side footwell leak



Ugh! Sorry about that, don't know what happened!

Anyway, I've just trawled through the FAQ and archive looking for information on water leaks. There seems to be a lot regarding the passenger footwell, but not much about the driver side footwell. From what I can gather, the only possibility on this side of the car is a leaking window/ roof joint or wing mirror joint. The solution seems to be to cut into the door seal a little bit towards the front of the car, near to the kicker plate? What kind of cut or hole is required and where exactly should I cut?



Snap Dafydd,

I found that I had a soaked drivers side footwell at the weekend while cleaning the car as the matts where showing sign of green fluid which I beleieve or rather hope that this is the remains of an old coolant leak and has just reappeared due to the carpet and sound deadening is soaked with water.

I cannot find out where the water is coming from apart from up through the floor as it seems on the bottom is effected and not the sides. Could this be a possibility of where the water is coming from if not where else?

Tom Randell

I pushed back the matt and sound proofing today and saw that there was considerable water underneath it all. As you've mentioned, the matt and sound proofing next to the door was bone dry. However, the bottom of the two vertical bits of sound proofing underneath the accelerator and brake pedal was soaked with water. The top part of both bits of sound proofing was dry and therfore I reckon they got wet due to breaking too hard and the water shifting forward! Therefore, I don't think that the water is coming in through the wing mirror and dripping down onto the carpet or through the holes for the brake and accelerator pedals. If it's dry tomorrow, I'm going to take out the matts and sound proofing and have a better look. I'll keep you informed.


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