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MG MGF Technical - Driver's seat squeaks... now?

The driver's seat has started squeaking. This happens when I put the clutch down with my foot. Probably pushing the seat back on some parts. I tried pushing with my hand, and yes I can generate the sound. But it's sourced from within the seats. Must be those springs in the seats that's squeaking... Any ideas to get rid of it?

Hanah Kim

Mine also does this any help would be appreciated
as it drives me insane :0)
Nick Walters

Have you got the seat fully back and reclined so that it is touching the T bar.
If so that is your problem.
Try moving forward half an inch or so. Worked for me.
Tim Sanders

Mine also does this.... It can be quite annoying cant it... especially when pulling away....

Tim, I am only 5 foot 7~8" so probably not... touching it. I only get that when one part of pelvic bone pushes against one part of the seat (haha how medical that was from a medical student)

Anyway, I am going to have a look at that tomorrow after work! ;)

So everyone is getting that. Not just me...

I was thinking of getting second hand Impreza WRX seats and leather them and put them in the F.

What do you guys think?

Anyway if anyone knows the solution please let us know!
Hanah Kim

I had the same problem - believe that it is the half-leather seats on my VVC - the steering wheel position lures me into reclining the seat back as much as possible (particularly also the obtrusive rear view mirror, if you are too vertical) - as previous suggestion winding the seat slightly forwards alleviated the problem for me

I had a similar problem but it was the seat rubbing up against the T-Bar causing the passenger seat to squeak. Moving the seat one notch forward cured this noise.

Another loud squeak was caused by the service flap for the engine (under the boot lid on the right). It sounded like something serious but was cured simply by sticking a bit of foam rubber on the inside of the boot lid just above the panel to hold it in place.
Tony Smith

This thread was discussed on 05/12/2001

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