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MG MGF Technical - Drivers side footwell leaked found

I have finally discovered where the water was coming in.

Sorry to say it was none of the regular places no seals or anything.
The water has been getting in through a bad seam on the chassis above the fuse box next to the cross member thus extremely difficult to fix as the access is minimal. I have put sealant down so time will tell if it works, if not silican sealant will be used.

Ideally I need to remove the dash board but that is more of a summer job.

Tom Randell

I think it would have only been sealed with seam sealant anyway - may be worth using some of this and then waxoyling afterwards as that adds to waterproofing

Tom, alright mate just to let you know,that you don't need to take out the dash to fix the problem,even though it is an easy job,but all you have to do is drop the fuse box via the two 10mm nuts,after removing the cover hook the fuse box out of the way,then remove the right hand vent and if you look straight ahead with the aid of a lead light or torch you can see the hole very clearly the with the aid of a brush coat with BODY SEAM SEALER allow to dry test and refit.
Have had this probelm with a couple of F's before and that has cured them.
Hope this helps.
dave mgf tech

Cheers for that info Dave.

My dealer has fixed this leak before under warranty as there is signs of Body seam sealer everywhere. The water has caused the sealer to split.

I will give it another go during the christmas break.

Tom Randell

This thread was discussed between 17/12/2001 and 19/12/2001

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