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MG MGF Technical - Driving/Spot Lights

Do the standard MG lights work, ie do they throw out a beam of light which cuts holes in cardboard, or are they like the standard headlights, glow-worm like. Can anyone recommend powerful spots to make up for the standard headlights (preferably ones which fit into the from trim ala standard ones?
Cheers, Bob
Robert Tulloch


Cheetah kit had spot lamps recessed into the (larger) front grill.

I know of at least one F with micro-projector fog lamps, looked good, but do not know how effective they are.

Mik Satur F-ONE nosecone will take additional fog lamps

Standard MG additional lamps are fog lights & therefore should not be used unless visability is SERIOUSLY impared (up to
Scarlet Fever

I've just had mine replaced, as part of the accident repair, and they seem much better than they were before. Whether this is just new glass and a clean reflector I dont know. The other thing is that my car is now at the 'correct' ride hight - it must have had some gas let out before I got it (only had it a month before the prang, and thought the ride was a bit harsh :-)); which of course slightly increases the throw of the lamps, and puts me a little further above the glare of oncoming cars' lights. I'm quite hapy with them now.

Handling's not what it was though, but at least it doesn't ground on the way in to my garage.

Ed Clarke

Andrew (SF) wrote:
>Mik Satur F-ONE nosecone will take additional fog lamps

Don't think "Mik" is still selling F-One stuff (except the rear spoiler and the modified rear clusters). Ages ago I asked him about that nosecone, and he told me that it wasn't available anymore. He added to that that a new nosecone and parts will added to the market soon. ...... I am still waiting, on top of the list (yahoo !!!).

Erik (they promised sun, and all I can see are clouds)

Hi all,

Are the additional spotlamps as on the SP Cheetah, seperately available? I guess they“re no specially designed item for the Cheetah



I have had the headlight bulbs changed to the new blue white bulbs - has increased the light output greatly/ cant tell you the bulb part number. just approached my expert mechanic and he sorted the new bulbs.


THere was a good feature in Autoexpress about a month ago on replacement headlights. I too am thinking about getting something a little stronger (as mne don't seem particularly good),and this Autoexpress feature was very useful. They tested all the best makes and all types from blue filter to xenon. It is worth noting that many of the bulbs, and especially some of the most expensive (which made the greatest claims), did not even meet European regulations in terms of luminance, power draw and fitting (I believe these were some of the metrics). Apparently blue light bulbs can be good, but because they filter out anything that is not blue light, then you don't get such good luminance for the power. I recommend having a look at this test if you can - not sure if it's on their web-site or not.
Andrew Hay

That's something that really p##ses me off, there are tons of people driving around at night with their front fog lights on ALL the time. Most of the time this is on lit roads so there is absolutely no need for it, and when there are not any street lamps, it dazzles the oncoming drivers even more! So DONT DO IT!!

ah, that's better ;-)

R585 ERO
Chris George


sorry for shouting, but now I've noticed I'm not retyping all that.

gavin phillips

Cheers Gavin - I am always meaning to get myself some new bulbs but always forget the paper! I'll be able to buy online now. :)
Andrew Hay

I intend to add further driving lights to my 'F'. I saw a picture of additional lights on the grill, either side of the front plates and thought it looked good.

I'm using standard driving lights and fitting them to the grill and getting an electrician to wire them up.
Does anyone know the following...

I was told that I had to have a light on my dashboard appear when the additional driving lights are on - if not, I could be fined on the spot. Is this true or does it just apply to fog lights.


I think you have been misinformed, but I may be wrong. I think that only relates to fog lights. But, if you get them wired in to run as additional driving lights, operated by turning on the main beam, a light will appear any way.

An alternative, and always a good idea, is to use an illuminated switch. Many styles available at halfords etc, or even from rover/mg.

gavin phillips

Just bought H1 and H7 bulbs on-line for my MGF - philips premium and philips ultra at for a total of £31 incl. VAT and P&P. These came top of the Autoexpress tests, and I am very much looking forward to fitting them and using them, as I think the standard ones are pretty poor. Anyone else find that the standard bulbs aren't too hot?
Andrew Hay

Just had a look at the Fosmo site ... the pic of the H7 (main beam) bulb has two connectors. I thought main and dipped only had one. The H1 looks correct.


Well, they have just arrived on my desk today (pretty quick eh! (people will think I work for them, advertising their service in this way), so I will give them a try tonight. Haven't a clue whether the standard ones have one connection or two, but I did specify my car type, and they sent what they said would fit. If they do not, I shall be miffed. Will tell you if there are any problems, and will also tell you whether I notice any difference in the new bulbs over the old. :¬)
Andrew Hay

Andrew, come on don't keep us in suspenders, how were the new bulbs?
If they're any good Fosmo may be getting quite a few orders.
Cheers, Bob
Robert Tulloch

Ah sorry, took the weekend away from the PC. There is good news and bad news - but mainly good. Regarding the order, I bought both H1 and H7 bulbs, as recommended in their guide. Unfortunately, the H7 bulbs did not fit, as the MGF uses H1 bulbs for both high and low beam - so they are sending me another set of H1 bulbs. This is good, as they cost only £4.98 each, and the H7 were £22 a pair! These H1's deliver 30% more light rather than the 50% extra claimed by the H7's, but I'm not complaining, as the Autoexpress article says they are way ahead of the opposition.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, Fosmo sent the bulbs the next day and sorted out the mix-up without issue. The bulbs went in easy but unfortunately, living in London has meant that I haven't seen a completely dark road all weekend (Ughhh!). However, I am driving back to Bristol next weekend in the dark, so I can comment better then. What I can say is that they *seemed* brighter when I compared one against the other, but it is hard to tell til I get a properly dark road. However, at £4.98 and the endorsement from Autoexpress, I would go ahead and buy 4 now, and try for yourself. All the best :¬)
Andrew Hay

Thanks Andrew, I'll give them a go and likewise report back.
All the best, Bob
Robert Tulloch

When I took my MG in for its first MOT it failed on the 'light' output of the lights. I think it was described as 'insufficient cut off' i.e. crap light output. The problem for this was due to the silver reflective coating on the cup inside the dipped light unit having burned off.

To pass the MOT meant new light units!


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