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MG MGF Technical - Dummy Air vent???

Can I just check something....

Is the pod on the passenger side of the car a dummy? I will be fitting my K&N and want to get the positioning of my pipes correct.


N Platt

the K&N pipes are designed to drop down and face forwards under the car. One BBS-er used to sell a special bracket to keep the intake ends in place. However those of us moving to a home-designed air collector box are mostly using a single large bore intake pipe positioned to the left hand air intake (which is not a dummy).

Sorry David,

I'm really showing my ignorance now but I just want to be clear...when you say left hand side do you mean passenger or drivers side?


Nick Platt

Nick, as you've seen, Scarlet has answered your question on the General BBS.

As he says, very little air flows through this left hand/ nearside/ passengerside air vent ;o)

This makes it of no use whatsoever for a K&N 57i type installation that relies on the forward motion of the car to ensure that air is ducted up towards the filter.

An enclosed filter is different, as this 'sucks' air into the duct. And sticking this pipe into a high pressure area on the body work is ideal :o)
Rob Bell

Car 'sides' should always be quoted as if you are standing at the back and facing forward so in England a UK Spec car the left side is the passenger side or as is sometimes used 'near side' - near being near the kerb.

Ted Newman

This thread was discussed on 26/02/2003

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