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MG MGF Technical - Duratec anyone?

Hi all,
would like to high-lite an interesting thread at the "Elise tech. BBS" named "VHPD,Basic mods?"
Didnīt know that the Duratec engine was possible to fit on the existing Rover gearbox. Could be an alternative route to go when the old K is beoynd rescue...
BR, Carl.
Carl Blom

Yeah, I saw that, sounds promising, 2l, bolts onto PG1, not huge prices lots of BHP. But the bottom of the engine looks a lot wider, so no use in the midget, would the F have adequate clearance?
Will Munns

Great just as I a newish K in the sunframe and wired up ready to go back in. Interesting though as I am currently driving a Ka with a duratec engine. Only a 1.3 but I have to say probably to the dismay to alot of you it really aint that bad for a run around.

I'll go.
S Laithwaite

The Ka is actually a surprisingly good drive, I agree Stephen - the steering in particular is a joy.

Duratec? Aren't those old lumps incredibly heavy???

Mine'll be a K2000 - once they become a little more 'available' ;o)
Rob Bell

Yes the duratec has a cast iron block. I would need to get the MG back on the road in the next couple of days or the KA will need a new head gasket. A wheel in each corner is most likley the reason for sticking to the road like "&*%.

Not that your interested I have learned loads and loads about the F having dropped the engine with the help of an extremley competent vechile tech. Believe it or not you dont need a lift to do the job. Four trolley jacks and a few blocks will do. Subframe, engine and gearbox going back in tomorrow night all being well.
How long will this one do me ????

S Laithwaite

Hold on chaps..

Loads of disinformation here.

The Duratec HE is not heavy or iron, its all aluminium and it doesnt come in a 1.3, the engine in the Ka is an old 1300 Kent crossflow all iron overhead valve monstrosity designed in 1966 (Enduro?), the Duratec is a recent 16v DOHC design and weighs around 10KGs more than the K series, its only been around for 3 years, it comes in 1800, 2000 and 2300 capacities and is used in all medium sized Ford cars.

It is a large bore, short stroke design with a well designed head with superb port and valve sizes, it has chain driven cams and has the inlet and exhaust reversed compared to the K series.

The older Zetec was an iron block 16v design but was heavy, small bored and long stroked and a little asthmatic.

The Duratec has 300BHP potential in N/A form.

Dave Andrews

Who will be the first with a conversion kit (Elise /F) then? The timing chain sounds as a good thing,seems to be a trend going back towards either chains OR the new type of more durable heavy re-inforced belts on new engines...
The 180 deg. shift in inlet / outlet could of course make some interesting plumbing nesecery ;o)

BR, Carl.
Carl Blom

Ford have come along way from those awful CVA motors havent they?

I hadn't realised that the Duratec was so light!!! Wow. And available in a wide range of capacities too...

But a Ford engine in an MG? Not sure I could bring myself to do that... I know, I know, that's an incredibly irrational statement! ;o)
Rob Bell

If the Duratec replaces a K series so easily then why haven't Ford replaced the 1.8K in the Freelander ?
Or perhaps this project is in the pipeline ...

Hmm looks interesting, not sure how much room there'd be on the inlet side for TBs but would imagine it would be doable, would need extra heatproofing on the boot wall but i imagine a manifold could be made to fit quite easily as there's quite a bit of room.

i take it you'd need the engine, wiring loom and a hole bunch of plumbing/mounting parts.

Would the gear rations still be ok with the standard box?

Didn't someone say the K rotates the oposite direction to other engines, or did i make that up?

It's superchargeable too.


there's a 3.5l V6 version too.

>Would the gear rations still be ok with the standard box?
Well, the engine would rotate as many times per MPH as before, somunless you are thinking of upping you crusing speed, then no

>Didn't someone say the K rotates the oposite direction to other engines, or did i make that up?

Diffrent to honda engines in rover 216's
Will Munns

As Dave says 'hold on' !

The 1300 cross flow engine was a brilliant motor -IN ITS TIME - I had at least three Cortinas with them in and they were reliable, cheap to run, very economical on petrol and could hold a decent speed on motorways.

AND as an added bonus for me in those days the Italians charged motor way tolls by engine size and the 1300 came into a very low category and as I was backwards and forwards to Italy quite a lot the engine again saved money.

It may not been suitable for race work but as a 'workhorse' it was good.

My two pennies worth!

Ted Newman

just a thought...

Are the K series problems in the F and Elise not due in some major part to the cooling installation?? so surely a Duratec - particularly with a higher specific output, and therefore greater heat output - wouldn't stand much of a chance either.. particularly with cobbled together plumbing????

and wasn't the old crossflow used in FF1600, and in 1.7litre 135bhp form in Caterhams for many years??

going to hide now..

A friend of mine Brian Drought will shortly have a Duratec in his Elise..

The failings of the K in the Elise and MGF are *exacerbated* by the installation of the cooling system, but the head gasket is fragile per se, even when the installation is near perfect as in the Caterham. There is plenty of capacity in the MGF/Elise cooling system, it's just how it is modulated together with a close coupled thermostat.

The Duratec is much more.. errr.. durable.

Dave Andrews

Endura 8V is the oldest production engine in production. First seen in 1959, and fitted to the KA.
I really must get out more.
Duratec is fitted to the Mondeo and is a V6 of 2.5 and 3.0 litre capacity.
Tony Harrison

Err I must have a read at the brochure for the Ka when I get home. Unless I was mistaken they had a cut away picture of what they said was a duratec engine.

NOW not for one minute do I pretend that the 1.3 is a duratec I now know it is not. However since I shamefully have a Ford brochure in my abode I will check. I presume that they must fit it somewhere in the Ka range if they feature it in the brochure.

Yours shamefully. (It's the girlfriends ok )

S Laithwaite

Right that's it. I did the dirty deed and went on a Ford web page. That Sport Ka thing has the 1.6i duratec engine 95 ps apparently. Hardly demonic !
S Laithwaite

The Duratec moniker is given to a *range* of engines just as the Zetec moniker was before it. The most common of the Duratech range are the 1.8,2.0 and 2.3 litre i4 (inline 4 cylinder), the 2.5 and 3.0 litre V6 is another of the engines in the Duratec lineup.

The crossflow in the Ka certainly hasnt been around since 1959, Ford were still producing side valve engines at that time, then the pre-crossflow was introduced in the 'sit up and beg' Ford Popular , 100E and 105E Anglia. The crossflow didnt appear until the first MK2 Cortina in around 1967 in 1300 and 1600 form. Baby versions of the crossflow in 3 bearing form (950/1100) appeared in the first Fiestas and have been used in the lower powered models alongside the CVH.

Dave Andrews

I had the 2.5 V6 Duratec in my Mundano ST200 - It was fantastic.
Dave - How is Brian getting on ?- Last time I was with you (making your car nice 'n' shiny), he had just decided after another HGF to get this convertion done.


Kieren Gibson

K2000 or something of that ilk!

ford in an MG ........Naaaaaaa!

Dave you forgot to mention that Ford diesels are also under that heading
s shorey

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