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MG MGF Technical - Dutch Dealers (MG, that is :-)

Jost a quick thread, any of you Dutch F'ers have any experience with Dutch MG dealers.

I got the car from Kimman (Amersfoort) but they seemed unable to handle the suspension or setup the gearchange. Nice enough, helped a lot negotiating with Rover and tried to please, they just couldn't.

I moved to Vogel (Ziest) who were a small dealer who used to sell MGBs and midgets years ago. They were good mechanics who understood the car and were there when I needed them. They unfortunatly merged with a large BMW dealership who had better workshop facilities, unfortunately customer care went out of the window and the mechanics standards went down.

I am about to try Schoeman (Huizen) my car is booked in for 6th of Feb for the 80,000km service etc. I'll let you know what I think of them after the event. At least one of the dealers in Holland must be OK. Anyone had experience of Schoeman?
Tony Smith

I used Geba Auto in Vries when I was in Ned. Very small but very enthusiastic (because the owner raced MGs)

They also did Landrovers, so no idea where they sit now.

N837 OGF (ex PD-XT-58)


From my experience with the dealer in The Hague, avoid like the plague. The mechanics are standard monkey boys and are definitely not MG enthusiasts. They acted like experts and put my car in Freelander mode (RTFM guys!). For services I took my car to a Rover garage in Friesland (my girlfriend comes from Leuwarden). Pretty satisfied but too far for you. I'm really dreading the 100 000 km service though (only 8 000 left) since they change the coolant and that is a task that seems to separate the experts from the cowboys. Can't offer you much more advice. The car has only frequented garages for service intervals and MOT (touch wood), so I don't have much experience with garages. If you find a good one - let me know!!! Any other Dutch F's out there????


I have heard that Minor Motors in Amsterdam is real good. I haven't tried them yet, but a fellow MGF driver recommended them to me.


I only bought the car there so I've no actual experience of their technical service levels but Minor Motorcars in Amsterdam were extremely helpful and the owner (John Houtkamp) is an obsessive Rover nut with a very interesting collection of old Rovers and Minis. Judging by the level of attention My Houtkamp lavished on us I would certainly give them a try.
Peter Walker

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