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MG MGF Technical - Dynamat

I am looking to apply some Dynamat to the doors of my 1.8i, however my local car part place do not stock it. They do have an alternative make. How thick is Dynamat? The subsitute product on offer is about 1mm thick.
Stephen Ratledge

Steve I used an alternative product called 'Brown Bread' in my car, i think Rob Bell may also have used this product. From the Dynamat i've seen its pretty similar and cheaper (generally).

I am fitting a set of infinity 652i's tomorrow, thinking about doing the dynamat thing at the sametime.

what improvement should i expect?

I've read the box, but does it really do what it says?

paul weatherill

Just blow the bloody doors off!
Ted Newman

Word from the pro stereo / competition buffs is NOT to use sound deadening in doors as it reduces tone and volume and degrades Bass

I know many use it to stop rattles - but its better to find the rattles than use sound deadening or turn the volume down a little - as this is exactly what the deadening is doing - absorbing your sound!

Use grease on door catches etc as this is usually where most vibration/rattles come

I applied Dynamat on my F's doors last weekend. I must admit that it took me about 4 hrs for each door! Main reason for this is that you have to remove the plastic skin from the door, and then clean the surface very well from the glue residues before you apply the Dynamat. If you use Dynamat original, then you have to heat the material before applying it(a hair dryer will do the job) so that it becomes soft. This way it is applied better on the contours of the door. By the way, the door kit supplied by Dynamat has more than enough material for both doors (1.2 sq m). For the results now. Simply amazing! If you like to listen to lots of "tight" bass then this is the thing for you. The rattles coming from the door whenever the volume was high, have now dissapeared, while an excellent side effect was that the doors feel heavier (reminds me of an Audi 80 I used to own) and they close much better. One problem I noticed was that due to the 'tight' and 'deep' midrange and lowrange frequences coming from the woofer, the tweeter sounded louder (i.e. more high frequences). I dealt with that by lowering my equilizer setting for the high requences. If no equalizer is present (I have installed a Blaupunkt Los Angeles MP3-CD player) then the Treble setting is an alternative.
Periklis Doublidis


How are the 652i's? The weather wasn't too bad at the weekend, so I imagine you had the oppertunity to fit them. Are they good? And where did you get them from?



Totally disagree with Tony, Wilts.

My ICE install was done by a Pro team who have won national awards. Consulted a lot of people "in the know" all said install Dynamat.

Fit the Dynamat. It greatly aids bass control' makes it sound tight rather than loose and flabby.



Yup fitted them OK.
They have made an amazing difference.

Cost 60 from halfords.

The Speakers fit into the existing "weather proof" housing.

The speaker grills aren't so good, but fitted them anyway.
Will just have to keep my eyes open for a set that will fit, or give mike s a call.

The sound quality is amazing, and much louder, can actually hear it over the K&N + Exhaust.
paul weatherill


>>> i AGREE

I just fitted MB QUARTS components -then due to boredom I thought i would refit using Dynomat just to see if there was a difference

difference is clear - much better crisper with the dynomat - so appologies- - just repeating what is said to be gospel in the USA -

Thanks Tony, glad you're happy,


MB Quarts Tony very nice indeed - A true enthusiasts choice - I hope that you have them matched to a fine Phoenix Gold amp! :)


Afraid not for now richie - I just got a cheapish Lightning strike amp for now - going in the company car soon !
In saying that the sound is excellent considering the amp so will be much better when the xplod goes in - hard to beat on THD figures/rms output although i am considering an upmarket amp = only because the MBs sound like they need ALOT more power

All n all I can now hear the sound clearly at 100mph top down :)
Also tried a TS-W10LPA subwoofer - add a bit of bass - but not brilliant

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