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MG MGF Technical - Dynamat

Whilst having the door panel off to adjust my window and cheater i thought i would put some sound proofing on the inside of the door. I remember reading on here that some one had quite good results from fitting sound proofing on the door panels.
Any how I have done the drivers door and yeah... improved the sound from the speakers, the door has a more quality sound to it, less creaks. How ever it cost me 20 for a 4ft x 3ft sheet of dynamat. Form halfords though. I would like to sound proof all over really, under the seats etc, but at that price im not sure. Does anyone know a cheaper place or a cheaper make? and save me a few quid for other tweakys.


R Jay

Dynamat is only one of several suplliers of self adhesive tar mats (spelling?).
I used *Teroson*. Dunno whether this brand is familar with car parts sales in the UK.
I remember they where app. half of Dynamat costs, but the available pre-cut size was smaller. (not from a roll). Sheets of app 2ft x 1ft packed with 4 pieces of.

Dieter K.

suplliers < suppliers ;) of course
Dieter K.

thanks Dieter, has anyone else covered the floor in sound proofing? i mean, is it worth it?
R Jay

> covered the floor
I think not. The existing dampening mats are not water proof. Though the effect of sound dampening is OK ... IMO.

See for leight weight plastik parts. It may be useful to be covered with the heavier tar mats. (invisible in- or outside of course)

BTW. I put a piece of the stuff onto the engine bay cover top. Hoped the wife wouldn't worry any longer about the K&N sound ;)

The trial failed. The K&N had to go.

Dieter K.

I think 'brown bread' is the cheapest UK sound deadening brand, and I think you can buy it in bulk to further reduce cost...


Hoped the wife wouldn't worry any longer about the K&N sound ;) The trial failed. The K&N had to go.

Glad to hear you made the "correct" choice Dieter
John Ponting

Where can you get brownbread from ?

Paul Waine

I "Dynamated" my doors too, and I'm not sure there's such a big difference...

There are also sound-proofing materials that come in aerosols.
They seem to be much cheaper IIRC, and probably easier to put (Those who fitted sheets of dynamat inside the doors certainly see what I mean !), not to mention a better coverage in corners...

Mike Satur could source them a few years ago, but I recall he had to buy a whole box of cans.

i'll think i'll just complete the passenger door and leave it as that. More weight isnt exactly what we need in our F's. Leave money for other mods..faster ones!
R Jay

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