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MG MGF Technical - Dynamat rep in Europe?

Hello MGF'ers!

Does anyone know of a web based shop selling Dynamat in UK or elsewhere in Europe?

Why this question: In many threads regarding replacing the standard speakers in the MGF Infinity Kappas are recommended. Looking at Dieters homepage under the audio-tab
you can see an example. As the door of the MGF lack the tight "click-quality" of let's say an Mercedes, you need to add some absorbent to the MGF door to get good aucustic quality. At Dieters homepage you can see the door has been tightened up using shock absorbing Dynamat. I haven't found anywhere to buy this in Sweden where I live. In fact not even in Europe. The only place so far has been over the web from US. With custom, shipping etc this becomes rather expensive, hence I like to get in contact with a EU-based web-shop.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ronny Peschel

sound deadeningou could do a search on "Roadkill". It

Demon tweeks sell it
appox 20" x32" @ 39.99

Hi David and Joe!

Thanks for both of your replys. I have been looking at the websites you refer to and I can't say I have found Dynamat or Roadkill, on either sites. Any further tip to help me on the way wou dbe apreaciated.


Ronny Peschel

Looks like you will have to order the performance direct issue MP1 its in there.
or send them an e-mail
tel 01978 664466
fax 01978 664467


got your email, but was engaged to much.
--> *my current job will kill me at any time, has anyone got another 4me* ;)

The above mentioned pictures and Dynamat suggestion wasn't me, but Sarah from the MGCC. :)
You can try TEROSON dampening mats , availiable in D at A.T.U ( large car supply company at nearly each big city).
Look the same and do the same, but are much cheaper.
Self adhesive 'tarmac', about 3 mm thickness, glues like devil. Have got still half a package at home in Dormagen and can look up the number this weekend.


Dieter Koennecke

unfortunately ATU seems to lack a web-shop and I have no immediate plan to go to Germany. If you like I can release you of the stuff you have "left over" assuming it's sufficient for both doors and you want to get rid of it.
Ronny Peschel

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