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MG MGF Technical - Early F? Check Coolant System!

Timely Reminder

I know there have been numerous threads on this subject in the past but I would like to give a cautionary note to owners of early MGF's .

After following the trials and tribulations of the MGF BBS fraternity and various threads on coolant loss & HGF's I though it best to get my 1996 F checked over.

The cause for my concern. For several months coolant levels had been going down and a number of fury deposits were showing around cooling system clamps.
Following advice from Mike Satur (a true God amongst men) and old BBS threads, it seemed prudent to spend a few quid and get the inlet manifold gasket replaced.

I've just been to the garage for a look at preceedings and sure enough the old gasket was knackered. Coolant had not got into the cylinders but had started 'pissing out of the manifold', to use the word of the garage.

Coolant was also escaping from 2 pipes

1 Pipe entering the head on the bulkhead side / near-side of the engine.
2 large rubber connecting sleeve at bottom of engine clamped on to metal coolant pipes passing through engine bay bulkhead leading to radiator.

Also up for question was the integrity of the pressure cap. (NB Remember do not over tighten the cap. Over-tightening can cause the coolant system to over-pressurise and things start to seep)

Also found was a leaking gasket at the bottom of the dipstick, oil was being lost too.

I would suggest anyone who has an early MGF, 'Get the coolant system examined' and I would strongly urge you to get the inlet manifold gasket replaced. IT WILL FAIL. Better to catch it before it does any more damage.

Just to let you know. I have owned my 1996 1.8MPi from new, it has been regularly serviced and treated kindly with only 26K Mileson the clock. I've treated it to a few toys though.... K&N filter, MS exhaust and a chip.

I still love it to bits.


I know about the inlet gasgate problem, mine went and all the coolant was sucked into the engine, no sign of any leak just the coolant disapering! The garage changed it under warenty and told me MGR change them for free as it is a known problem, a new upgraded gasgate has replaced earlier types


Tim, what was the "chip", how much was it and how much improvment did you notice ?



I got the ICON fitted. Had it for a year. I must confess I'm unsure what specific difference the chip makes. I got the filter done at the same time so it's hard to know what is doing what.
On the superchips dyno the car registered 134bhp and when the revs are up it is bloody quick 132mph in france last year V Scarey.

A couple of weeks ago I was keeping up with a mates Scooby (before he had it chipped, though he was a little quicker around bends.

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