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MG MGF Technical - Easier steering left (not EPAS)

When I last had my tracking adjusted the garage pointed out that it was easier to turn the steering wheel to the left than the right, while the front wheels were on those tracking 'rotating road' thingys. I have just confirmed that with the front road wheels off the ground and the EPAS fuse removed this is still the case. This is not a pronounced effect, but it does result in the car slowly veering left as it goes over the typical uneven road surface.

Any ideas? I should point out that the n/s front wheel has had a tough life having effectively been kirbed (blow out when I hit a concealed roadside brick) and took most of the force of a side impact collision with another car. Worn steering rack?

The car is a early VVC F
P Davey

Worn steering rack or bent lower ball joint pin.

Would recommend to unbolt both trackrod ends for further investigation on either the steering rack, or the hub ball joints.


This thread was discussed on 31/03/2007

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