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MG MGF Technical - EBC Black stuff and rear brakes

I remember people having problems with green stuff in the past after heavy use. But has anybody had problems with black stuff on the back.

I put Black Stuff pads on before my first track day. Then half way through my second track day, 5000 miles after the first) the pads had had it. The front green stuff of the same age were fine. I replaced the back pads with standard pads and went straight back on the track, no bedding in but what the hell, and it i got away with it.

afterwards the rear pads were fine. Still i changed all my pads before my last track day at the weekend. (kept the old ones though still quite a bit left on the front and the backs have loads left) I put more green stuff on the front and black stuff on the back again.

Guess what, at the end of the track day. My back brakes are squeeling again already. I don't think i'll be using them again.

ALso due to running with nackered pads on the back on the track my rear discs aren't in top notch condition so will need replacing soon, is there any upgraded discs for the rear?

(The garage checked the discs before the track day, and said the back was a bit thin, but not damaged so i don't think thats the cause of the quick demise of the pads.)

And can you get green stuff for the rear?

EBC do grooved discs for the rear - 99 quid a pair. Really the fronts are the important ones.


>>EBC do grooved discs for the rear - 99 quid a pair. >>Really the fronts are the important ones.


Do you know where they can be purchased from?


Hi Matt

I think Brown and Gammons sell the upgraded discs, take a look on their web site (banner ad at top of this page!).

Also, are you sure your rear pads have had it, I believe that after heavy use when glazing occurs, that pads can make that same "metal to metal" squeal...


Richard Eaton

You might be right Richard, i haven't had a chance to look properly (been worrying about the clutch too much)

But I'm pretty sure the first set had had it. we are talking major scraping noise.

Even though, with the standard pads i went straight out on the tack and used them hard. no problem what so ever.

These black stuff were nicely broken in before hand and once on the track for a few laps aswell.

I thought the grooved discs at B&G were for the front. or can they go on the back aswell.

And if its just glazing how do i remove it.


EBC do grooved discs for the front and rear. The fronts are ventilated. The rears are merely grooved. Both are 100 quid per pair from B+G.
I have the rear ones on my car.


Cheers Gaz, i shall order some in the near future

Are the EBC rear discs new then? I ask becuase B+G did not do them 6 months ago when i changed all my pads & discs.

Scarlet Fever

>> Are the EBC rear discs new then? I ask becuase B+G did not do them 6 months ago when i changed all my pads & discs.

Bought mine in May 00 ...

Very odd!

I changed all the pads & discs last August with the intention of upgrading them all. I approached B+G directly & was told that they do not do any rear discs for the F as the only ones available are the standard components. The upshot of this was that i purchased EBC drilled & grooved front discs & EBC blackstuff pads front & rear from B+G. I then had to source standard rear discs from my local Rover dealership.

Looks like B+G done themselves out of a sale then!

As a result of these mods i am vastly more confident in Scarlet's braking performance & beleive that this is a very cost effective way of achieving extra stopping power. When the rears need changing again i will definitely get the EBC ones.

Scarlet Fever

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