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MG MGF Technical - EBC brake disk and pads


after doing some research also in the BBS archive I intend to upgrade the brakes of my 98F next spring. I found an offer here in Germany which includes changing to the EBC groved 240mm brake disks, green stuff pads and kevlar brake hoses. Could you tell me your experience with the EBC brake disc and pads. Thanks for your help.


Oliver Gröteke

Very good.

Got them on the back with Mike Satur's big brake discs on the front.

Also little brake dust so wheel cleaning easy

Julian Foulger

I have EBC discs on the front only and and greenstuff pads all round. I am very pleased with the improved braking effect and lack of brake dust.

However the "purring" noise on applying the brakes has never gone away (the instructions say it should).

I have never heard anyone else comment on this.

Andrew Dear

I fitted the same about 6 weeks ago. I still have the purring on application as well. Glad I am not alone.I fitted the EBC grooved and dimpled discs and green pads to the front. Getting used to the purring now.
Tim Sanders


thanks for your comments so far. I think I will do the modification in spring when the season starts again as I only use the car in winter when it´s dry and the streets are not covered with salt.

Oliver G

When I had my rover 200 cab I fitted EBC brakes and pads. The purring noise never went away. It something to do if i remember rightley with the anti glazing effects compound mixing with the grooves on the disk.

I kinda got used to it and as my K@N and exhast filtered most of the sound out it didnt before me a bit!!
Chris Glen

I had EBC grooved discs and Greenstuff pads fitted all round a few weeks ago. I've run them in now and am impressed with the results. I've had my F for nearly 6 years now so they were an easy choice when the original discs wore out.

I also got braided hoses as recommended by people here. Final addition was the brake pedal adjuster to lower the pedal. This wasn't so much for the heel n toe thing, but the fact that I'm 6' 1" and now I've finally got a more comforatble driving position as a result!

Don't forget to tell your insurer. It cost me another £25 approx. Whether that's right or not has already been debated here. In insurers' favour is a story from a few years ago that Belgian taxi drivers were surveyed for their accident record. Accidents fell when they got cars with ABS....initially. Then they got used to the improved braking and just hit the pedals later. Result - more accidents. Whether that's true or not, I'm glad I switched to the EBCs

...and yes they do sort of purr a bit. I wondered what that was.

>>>Then they got used to the improved braking and just hit the pedals later. Result - more accidents. Whether that's true or not<<<

It's true and applied in the UK too back in 1985/6 when the old Granada arrived with standard ABS.

Roger Parker

Where do you all source your pads/disks from?

Chris George

B & G did mine, but you can buy them on the net if you know how to do them yourself.


Were you happy with what B&G did? They are so far the cheapest for EBC disks and greenstuff all round supplied and fitted, 380quid. (You'd probably just get the fronts OR rears done for that at a dealer!)

Chris George


I read all above, I have few qutestions...

I also would like to up-grade my brakes. I know several place that sells FRONT brake disks/pads, but I have not found any place that sells REAR disks/pads. Is B&G 280mm disks are for FORNT or for both?

I am looking for a bigger disks (bigger than original size).

Could you please tell me where and which one is good for my F. I have 1999 1.8.

My friend told me, it's not good to have different brake disk size (Front and Rear). Is it true?


Hi Akira,

The majority of big-brake kits available for the MGF are for the front discs only- and this includes the B&G kit you mention. Even MG themselves only provide a larger disc for the front with the MGF Trophy 160.

However, as your friends suggest, having standard size rear discs with large front discs may not be the ideal way forward- it is all a question of brake balance.

If the rear wheels lock up first in an emergency braking situation then the resulting car instability can be extremely dangerous and difficult to control. If the front wheels lock up prematurely, you loose the ability to steer, but the car remains more-or-less stable. This means that companies that provide brake upgrades often only provide bigger more efficient front brakes- it saves the expense of developing properly matching rear discs!!! But it does tend to result in too much front-bias braking IMO which negates the advantage of the bigger discs in the first place.

Fortunately, we have heard that Mike Satur is developing a big-brake discs for the front AND rear which should be very promising. Until then there are no comercially available big rear discs (only you go for the full-race AP Racing disc set up and ditch the handbrake mechanism!!!)

My other suggestion is to chat to Don Liang who has successfully adapted Subaru Impreza discs and calipers for his MGF. The pictures are extremely impressive! (Sorry, I can't recall the URL off hand...)

I hope that's of some help
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your info...

I will wait until Mike Satur make big brake discs for both front and rear...

If someone remenber Don Liang's URL, please let me know.
I would very much like to see how he changed his brake system...

thanks again,

Jim - ABS

Is there any adjustment of ABS required, or is it all the same. Can anyone give some details of cost to get front pads and rotors so I can compare to what I am being asked for here in Oz. Also, is it possible for rotors to be machined instead of replaced?
Antony Krokowski

Akira, I've found Don's web address at last... see

Antony, no adjustment on the ABS should be necessary as altering the size of the rotors does not effect the wheel speed sensing algorhythms. The brakes are pretty cheap (or should be!) so machining is unnecessary and uneconomic. Sorry, I don't have part numbers or prices to hand, but I'd recommend that you look at B&G's web page for further information on standard and uprated parts.
Rob Bell

B & G work was good...think it cost a bit more than £380 though including labour so I'd get that in writing if you can. Mind you I had various other bits done including having the pedal lowered (much better if you're over 6 foot tall).

B & G sell the parts (pads & discs) for about £130 a pair (i.e £260 for whole car). Braided steel hoses are about £40.

Dunno about ABS. Mine hasn't got it and I'm no mechanic I'm afraid.

Thanks Jim,

Actually had mine done last thursday at B&G, cost me 495 but I also had the steel braided hoses put on (which means new fluid, bleeding etc), plus compliance washers (well for an extra tenner ;-).

The brakes on their own, supplied and fitted would have been 379ish inc VAT.

They are fairly well bedded in now, and they really do make such a difference. I am driving on the brakes now cause I trust them, rather than using the gearbox.


PS, they have a gorgeous Red MGA in the showroom .... mmmmmmm -P

Chris George

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the URL.

have a nice day,

You are welcome Akira- I hope that the info will of help to you!
Rob Bell

the purring noise went went with mine after about 1000 miles, am I the only one? Brakes great now, only front fitted, bit worried about uprating the back ?instability problems on hard braking, any comments

I find the purring noise quite reassuring at the moment. It shows me that they are doing something!

As for instability problems, I think as long as you go for the proper rear disks (ie EBC turbogrooved all round) then it is not a problem, the fronts will always be better, and overall I'm not too concerned cause they can't be any worse than the brakes that were on there!

Now, I push the brake pedal and the car stops, it's great ;-)

Chris George

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