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MG MGF Technical - EBC Green Pads

I am thinking about putting some EBC Green brake pads on my 3 months old F, mainly to try and reduce the amount of brake dust getting on the alloys (its driving me mad keeping them clean). Obviously improving breaking would also be a bonus. So my question is do they reduce the amount of brake dust as advertised? Are they worth the 40.00

Many Thanks

Ian Horsfield
ian horsfield

I have them and groved discs too and the improvement on the braking is noticeable and brake dust? what brake dust?? :o) great stuff, I'll recommend them anyday. I think you might be able to find something on the BBS archive on this as it is not an uncommon topic

I fitted some a couple of months ago - they are slightly better than standard, but I still get a fair amount of brake dust. I would certainly replace worn pads with them but not bother replacing good pads.

Ian - Simple answer to your simple question. "Are they worth the 40.00". Yes.
Not because of the brake dust reduction however but because with them the brakes work much better than before. Actually see if you can try a car with the EBC discs and S/S flexible brake pipes as well. You would not believe how well they all work together. One of the best mods you can make to the car.


Ian I have to disagree with Ian on the brake dust front. I fitted the green stuff pads about a month ago. I drove some 450 miles over the Bank holiday weekend and the front wheels on my VVC looked a lot cleaner that the rears. With the old OEM pads I would have expected the fronts to be filthy. They also work better once they have bedded in.

Go for it!



Thanks for all your comments;

I think I will give them a try, 40 wont break the bank and even a marginal improvment on the brake dust would be well worth while.

ian horsfield

Mark which wheel and Inner/Outer when you take the existing pads out from and you can at least "put them on the shelf" for use at a later stage if you want to, as they shouldn't be worn out yet....

(My green/black stuff replacements are still on a window ledge at home awaiting the time to fit them :-( )


my brake dust was significantly reduced when the EBC's were fitted. Of course they release dust aswell, but only a fraction of standard pads. (takes about 4x more before alloys get black). Last time my alloys were black was since they weren't cleaned in 2,5 months!!

Quick question for EBC people

I'm getting greenies for the front, is it worth getting greenies for the back, black for the back or leave as standard.

How do you reckon the combinations effect the brake balance.

Purely from balance point of view i would have though keeping similar pads front and back made sense. but i remember people saying the reckoned on green front, black back.




I have green front and black back (fitted before green became available for rears i think). Very noticeable difference and well worth the switch IMO.


Having used a wide variety of pads from different manufacturers and to different specifications for a wide range of applications I have to say tyhat one of the most impressive factors for the EBC kevlar range is the low generation of dust.

Roger Parker

On the race Metro I found the Greenstuff pads wore *extremely* quickly, were very 'grabby', and covered everything in dust! I've gone back to using Mintex 1144 which last better (5-6 race meetings instead of 2!!!) and have vastly improved feel.

The Abingdon Trophy runers are all using Mintex 1177 and reckon they're OK from cold, with the degree of servo assistance available on the F you can get away with running really hard pads.

You may ask why I'm reading the F bulletin board - well I'm just about to acquire the MG Competitions Dept development car, hopefully during this week!

Alan B

Welcome to the F board Alan- you'll have tell us more some time about the car you are poised to buy!

Very interested to read about your race experience with the EBC pads. These appear to tally with an experience that John S. had with his set of EBC pads- the 'Black stuff' road pads at the rear expired by race distance! I thought that this may be a bedding-in issue (this can be a serious problem with grossly accelerated wear with pad disintergration), but maybe this is is a 'simple' pad overheating problem?

I have had EBCs all round since March/April and have completed mre than 10k miles with them- including a number of speed events. Very happy with them, wear has not been a problem and dust is less than the standard pads.

I participated in a track day about a month ago- the amount of brake dust resulting from that was MUCH more than seen during 'normal road' use. Commiserate with wear? 20 minutes per session, with 5 or six sessions- those brakes got VERY hot- much more so than on a usual Speed event- so maybe heat is THE factor associated with reports of accelerated wear?

EBC= excellent road pads, but not really suitable for race scenarios...

Rob Bell

Has anybody found a way round not being able to get the mintex pads without a competition license?

Rob is spot on in my experience also (Monty Turbo not F, but the speeds are similar). Green stuff are super for road and sprints/hillclimbs but I cooked and completely wrecked a half-worn set in 4 laps of Castle Combe on a track day a few weeks ago. Nipped over to Merlin Motorsport in the paddock and fitted a set of Mintex 1144s and they were fine for the rest of the day and ever since.
Matt - unaware of need for comp license to purchase - any Mintex stockist should order them for you.
David Smith

Hi all,
When I got my "Green Stuff" pads it was clearly stated on the leaflet that Green was for Sport and light track - for more heavy use there was "Red Stuff" . Anyone tested those ??

Regards , Carl.

David, Matt,

all the Mintex pads are available through Mintex outlests as David says- but the 'Rools Royce' if the range, 1177s, are Motorsport issue only.

Carl, your curiousity about the relative effectivenss of the various pads is shared by many- including me!
I'd like to be able to compare green/red stuff pads against Mintex 1144s and 1177s.

Then it'd be interesting how the top rated pads compare against the big brake conversions...

Not having this data however, one wonders whether Red stuff pads may, infact, work quite well on the F- given that the front discs are so modestly dimentioned, they'd warm up very quickly- to the advantage of Motorsports pads- and perhaps make them more suitable for our application than on other cars?

Rob Bell

OK, so i've just wasted some money getting EBC pads. I'm going to Cadwell in October. Are the 1144 a lot better then and should i not bother with the EBC pads?

and does anybody want to buy some slightly chepaer than normal EBC pads of me (brand new)

are your pads Green Stuff ?
If yes, I'd be interrested in buying yours.
I'm trying for 2 months to find a belgian supplier, with no success.
I ended on the phone in Holland with an answering machine...
e-mail me to arrange "the deal".


if I remember well, there are 4 types of pads in both EBC and Mintex ranges :

Black Stuff -- M 1144
Green Stuff -- M 1155
Red Stuff -- M 1166
Yellow Stuff -- M 1177


As far as I'm aware the Mintex 1177 are only available through Rover Competition Parts, and yes you do need to be registered with them to get bits. The qualification for registration used to be that you used a Rover produced car (or engine from one) in some form of competition, though what the current rules are I'm not sure.

For road use I would have thought that the 1144 or 1155, or their EBC equivalents, would be more than adequate. Be aware thought that if the pads are too cold they wear out quickly - just as they do if they're too hot. So don't be tempted to go for too a hard a pad unless you really intend to mash the middle pedal to the floor on a regular basis!

At optimal temperature the pad and disc show minimal wear, it's just about spot on with the Metro which is why a set of 1144's last so long.

Alan B

Fabrice, I am not too familiar with the yellow stuff pads- sound interesting...

I doubt that the ranges sold by Mintex and EBC are directly comparable in the way you've listed them. I suspect that Mintex 1144s are going to be more like Green stuff pads than the standard road going 'Black stuff'. Given that Mintex have more 'sporier' intermediate grades of pad, any comparison test is going to be a little tricky to design fairly. But your point is well taken, and I'm going to have to do a little more research.

Matt, I doubt that you've wasted cash on the EBC pads- how often you you dash around race tracks? My EBC pads were perfrectly servicable after the Donnington thrash...

Rob Bell

You may want to try Demon Tweeks for the Mintex 1177's

Point taken Fabrice. However, I am not sure that the comparison chart you've made up is strictly valid: for instance I suspect that the Mintex 1144 is probably closer to the EBC Green Stuff than it is to the Black stuff, based purely on what David and Alan report.

Absolutely no knowledge about the EBC yellow stuff pads though.... :oO

Bottom line, and your point Fabrice, is that we need more information from the pad manufacturers before any test is constructed, so that a fair comparison can be performed.

Matt, I suspect that your purchase of Green stuff pads has not been a waste of your money- after all my pads survived a hard thrash around Donnington, with only considerably more brake dust to show for it; so how often do you plan to thrash your car around a race track?
Rob Bell

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