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MG MGF Technical - EBC grooved discs

can any of you give me a clue if I have my new discs on the right way round. Not as silly as it sounds they are left and right handed, but in the direction of forward rotation of the wheel should the groove in the disc touch the caliper at the top or bottom first?
I have them so that the bottom of the slot enters the caliper first is this correct? if so they dont seem much better than standard after 3,000 miles?

I THINK this s the same way as B&Ghave just fitted mine (2 hours to get the original discs off - glad I didn't try it myself). Should imagine it makes absolutely NO difference at all, and your pads/hoses will have a far greater impact on normal braking: the grooves only really help under more extreme usage, preventing problems rather than immedately improving performance. Only bothered with them as B&G have a deal going with the green stuff pads and Turbo discs.

Ed Clarke

The curve of the groove and spots at the top edge of the Disc should point towards the rear of the vehicle.

Are you using EBC green stuff pads as well, they are not too different when cold but when warmed up you should really be able to tell the difference and they do reduce brake dust on your alloys.

Terry,have just looked at mine and can confirm that yours are fitted correctly.I remember that when I fitted them that I needed to think a bit. Have you noticed a faint purring noise on application - It is supposed to go away but I still have it after a year.
Tim Sanders

Tim, re faint purring noise - see Odd Noise thread. i have that also.

Ed Clarke

This thread was discussed between 24/04/2002 and 25/04/2002

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