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MG MGF Technical - EBC pads/discs, Dunlop Tyres

Hi Fellow F'ers

Thanks to Mike Hankin and Dave Livingstone for their advice when needed recently - I had an incident when my F spun on a roundabout at about 25mph, cracking a wheel on a kerb. Anyway its back on the road, and I treated "Reggie" the Red MG to new tyres and EBC green stuff pads/discs. The 'EBC noise' as described in previous threads is irritating and I hope it goes away, and the brakes are definitely better, but not yet really good like on my 'every day' car, an Alfa 156. I say, 'every day' car, because every day something goes wrong with it...

As for the tyres, I feel better mentally because I had a hotch potch on before - these SP Sport 01s have a distinctive (in fact very odd - its asymmetric) tread and are supposed to be good in the wet (my confidence was dented after the roundabout incident, even though I'm convinced there was something on the road), and 'quiet'- which is difficult to assess with all the F rattles and my new brake noises! Will report further when I have more miles under my belt, and pushed it a little nearer its limits, maybe on another track day. (Anglesey was great by the way, back in March.)

Cheers and happy summer F'ing...

R Nickson

Obvious really, but double check your tracking. And get it done properly. That will affect tail-out happiness as well.

Glad you're enjoying the car! <grin>

Paul Nothard

Thanks Paul, but tracking deenmed ok just recently. Enjoying the car? Yes but not the noise!!

Having looked at the BBS archive again I'm intrigued to hear from EBC users Ed Clarke, Gordon of Bedford, Tim Sanders and Andrew Dear to hear if their purring noises disappeared. Or maybe their F love affairs have ended by now as it was 2002 when they posted.

After only 50 miles yesterday it was driving me mad - If I wanted a purring noise I'd buy a cat. If this is normal, then this pad/disc combination need a health warning on the box.

Yours purringly

R Nickson

Don't expect a significant abatement of that noise - grooved discs are often noisey and don't get quieter with age. The best solution - as this is not a problem in terms of brake performance or anything serious - is to ignore and/or turn up the stereo volume!

An interesting observation though is that Rover Sport grooved discs rarely generate noise - perhaps disc design has an impact?
Rob Bell

Rob N

Had to really think about your question as I fitted mine a couple of years ago and, like you, noticed the noise when first fitted. But, I cannot in all honesty remember when it disappeared! Certainly the only time I hear it now is when driving in confined spaces eg in narrow roads between tall buildings/walls etc. I would suggest that it's likely to be a couple of months or so - but don't quote me on that!

Mike H

PS The sound never really bothered me - I quite like it! :o)
Mike Hall

I have had this disc and pad combo since October 2003. I'd describe the noise as a rasp not a purr and it's the same today as when I fitted them. The noise doesn't bother me but the performance is anything but inspiring.

The brakes on my daughters car, '97 vintage, standard discs + EBC pads are first class. No hint of sponginess in the pedal they are rock solid, very little fade, road use I hasten to add, just excellent.
Ken Waring

Quite a lot of the problems associated with brakes that feel poor can be attributed to movement of the servo on the bulkhead - certainly the brakes on my car never inspired much confidence despite markedly better pads etc, until, that is, I fitted the B&G brake servo bracket...
Rob Bell


RobN - you'll remember that I mentioned to you that I'd always used Mintex 1144s and that RobB had always sung the praises of 1177s and that I was going to try them on the rear to balance the 4pot AP fronts.

Well, I've just bedded in brand new 1177s on the rear and 1144s on the front. The front 304mm discs were just tidied up (Techspeed felt they'd last for another set of pads) but the rears had new discs (standard OEM rather than grooved roversport as this was all that we could lay our hands on quickly). The result is the best braking combination I've had to date. The 1177s on the rear certainly seem to balance the 4pot fronts better and the initial bite is much better.

I'm looking forward to trying them on the track (Castle Combe in July) for a final evaluation, but my first impressions are excellent. Whether grooved Roversports discs on the rear would be even better is going to be difficult to tell. It may be the the pad material is the big factor and whether the discs are standard or grooved is somewhat irrelevant.

Regarding the noise you're experiencing, I can only confirm that the Roversport grooved never made any noise with Mintex pads other than the odd low speed squeal as they bedded in. The same applies now with the standard discs.

Dave Livingstone

Great to hear that Dave - supports what Neil and Jenny have found on their AP equipped F as well :o)
Rob Bell

I have greenstuff discs and Mintex 1144's all round, no noise and much better stopping power than the greenstuff (I had them before the Mintex).

>> Great to hear that Dave - supports what Neil and Jenny have found on their AP equipped F as well :o)

And very similar to what I've been running for ages. :o) (although I have 1155s at the front)

Paul Nothard

I have just fitted EBC Greenstuff pads all round with the turbo grooved and dimpled (not drilled) dics, standard size as I am keeping my 15 inch wheels.

It took over 250 miles before any noticeable difference, be very careful bedding in a full set all round, you have very little brake.

There is a small noise from the brakes, if you listen carefully, nothing of concern.

If you do the job yourself though, the discs just don't want to come away from the hubs, it took three of us (thanks Andy and Mark)with two heavy club hammers and a very large crowbar to prise them away, refit with copper grease for the next time.

However, when the brakes had bedded in, there was still only a slight difference, although the wheels do stay cleaner. The brake servo support bracket was fitted at B&G's Open Day on Saturday and that is noticeable, IMO you need to look at both options, whatever brake pad/disc you choose and the bracket.

You may have read on previous threads about fitting the bracket yourself, you need a very long drill bit and be able to bend double.
Adrian Clifford

Thanks guys for all your comments.

This link provides some amazing differences of opinions re these pads/discs (or rotors as I have disovered they are called in the US).

The 10/10 ratings sit next to 0/10 ratings - some get no dust, some get loads of dust; noise/no noise; terrible wear/no wear!! For me the noise will be intolerable in the long term, and so far there is no sign of it going away, albeit after only a couple of hundred miles.

Dave L, I should have taken more notice of your pearls of wisdom, but was probably seduced by the EBC hype, plus not being such a regulat track dayer as you. Oh, and by the way, they do seem to make the car stop reasonably well.

PS Adrian bet you went for the discs because they match the colour of your car - B12 MGF as I recall from our Welsh run...
Rob Nickson

Sorry guys, you'll find this link better for those who are intersted. Click on 'Read all reviews'.

R Nickson

Nice one, but the lure of less dust was most tempting, but the discs are a nice colour.

I notice EBC also do colour brake calipers in red, green and that's tempting !

Best regards

Adrian Clifford

Rob if you are after opinions on EBC pads, then mine is that they're not that great - but a lot will depend on what kind of useage you put your car to.

If you drive reasonably gently on the road, then you will probably find the EBC on a par with brand new standard brakes (anything is likely to be better than worn or glased originals). There is an advantage in terms of brake dust generation - you don't get much dust if the car is driven with restraint.

All of which means is that for 80% of the MGF market, the pads and rotors are fine.

Where it all starts to fall apart is where you start to use your car more seriously out on track - be that on track days/ sprints or what ever.

On track, the EBC pads rapidly degenerate - they over heat, smoke and generate vast quantities of dust.

After one track day at Donington, I found that the EBC pad friction blocks had seriously cracked up, with the material splintering and falling off.

If you are after a more serious fast road pad, you are better off using Mintex 1144s.

The discs I can't comment on - other than the dimples - the idea of which I simply don't 'get'. As far as I can see, there are for cosmetic purposes only - and worse, reduce the surface area of the rotor.

In preference, I'd use the Roversport discs that are grooved only.
Rob Bell

Oops - I omitted the link from my last post -

Rob B, thanks for your comments. My F is generally for weekends tootling around country lanes in Cheshire and the Yorkshire Dales, coupled with the occasional 'burn' when I'm alone. I do enjoy the stereo, but also like the quietness of the countryside (coupled with the noise of the VVC engine), which is now shot to pieces with this purring/ticking noise.

I've only had one track day so far, maybe another would finish them off so I have a good excuse for replacing the whole damn lot. Of course, I could just wear my crash helmet when tootling around the coutry lanes - might do the trick re minimising the noise, and would certainly turn heads!!

R Nickson

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