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MG MGF Technical - EBC Red Stuff

The time has come after 30k miles to replace brakes and discs.
They are well and truely worn out.

I have standard discs with Mintex 1177 pads.
Very happy with them, however I'd be stupid not to look about...

Has anyone tried out The EBC Red stuff pads ?
There is nothing of note in the archive.

While here, any recommendations for cheap/decent grooved discs?

This is for sprinting, track days and shopping trips. :-)


Paul Nothard

Grooved discs are pretty cheap from B&G aren't they? They're the EBC 'turbo groove' (or something like that) discs- and are apparently cheaper that OEM stuff.

Red stuff pads. Don't know. Don't know anyone who has fitted them either. Good bit cheaper than those Mintex pads- and probably this is reflecting in their performance. Still, greens are pretty good, so I expect reds to be a bit better still.
The real question is how they work from cold (applicable to those shopping trips).

Rob Bell

Reds are for racing only, it says so on EBC's site. The reason I suspect is because, as Rob mentioned, performance from cold isn't good. Same reason that F1 drivers have to be careful into the first few bends of a race, they only work their best when they have warmed up.

Besides, I've heard many a good thing about the green stuff pads.


BTW, I'm in the same boat as you regarding discs, I need new ones all round. Mike Satur is going to be my source, he is hoping to get some new large front drilled / grooved discs in for around 200 ea. He did say that price is not certain, so don't quote me.

Shame I need rears as well, that's setting me back another 100. I suggest you speak to Mike, he has sourced me some "shop soiled" (basically that means that they were new onto an MGF Cup car, the car went onto a transporter, off to Janspeed, off the transporter and then were swapped off the car. So really, they are brand new), rear discs for 100. (Usually they are 70 *EACH*.

God dammit, all expenses, all MGF, all FUN =)

Its worth it even if I will be skint for the next 12 years. ;)

Steve Childs


I suggest you speak to Mike, he has sourced me some "shop soiled" (basically that means that they were new onto an MGF Cup car, the car went onto a transporter, off to Janspeed, off the transporter and then were swapped off the car. So really, they are brand new), rear discs for 100. (Usually they are 70 *EACH*.

Mike sure knows how to make money!


Well, it makes a change to find someone who is enthaustic about MGs and runs a business selling bits for them.

Ah, my Cat bypass pipe just came :) - Guess who from :)

I must mention commission to Mike at some point ;), but too many people complain about service these days, when I have had good service, I like to recommend the people who gave it.

Steve Childs

Paul, my impressions about "Red Stuff" are, that, like Rob and Steve already pointed out, the pads are not suited for "shopping tours". You will be quite comfortably clothed with "Green Stuff" even on track days and you can get some very frightening "oooops - I did it again's- if you try, let's say, to enter a parking slot with low speed after idling around in the town with cool pads (you end on the other car's bumper I mean).

Thanks for the comments.

The performance of my current 1177 pads are very poor from cold, say only 25% effective.
However, 25% of a *huge* amount of braking is still easily enough for normal road use.

I'm worried that no-one has used the EBC red pads. I'm getting the impression that
they are not as strong as the 1177s and therefore the 25% effective braking when cold
will not be enough for 'end of street stopping'.

If anyone hears of anyone using them I think we'd all be interested in their performance.

It's looking likely that I'll stick with the 1177s - if I can source them again. :-)

As for discs... thanks for the pointers. I shall follow them up and let you konw how I get on.

Paul Nothard

Not sure whether Rover Sports has re-opened: haven't anything from them. You should be able to get them from Techspeed Paul?

Rob Bell

The EBC reds wil be much better when stone cold than the 1177's. I have found the greens to be too soft, and merely end up with dust everwhere! They also had a tendency to be 'grabby' and once a wheel is locked you have to come much further off the brakes than with say 1144's or redstuff.

The reds have considerably greater longevity and very marginally reduced coefficient of friction. The temperature range extends higher than the greens and whilst you're quite right in saying that the 'first stop' performance will be slightly reduced in comparison, it will still be better than the full race 1177's are.

Alan B

Hi Paul

Don't know much about the red stuff but as a couple of people have pointed out, apparently they're not too good for "normal" road use due to operating temps.

With regard to brake discs, I just bought a pair of standard front discs from a local motor factor for 40 (they are the same as a Metro GTi, therefore cheap, and interestingly, the rears are Rover 800 items).

However, someone posted a URL on the MGF General board last week of an online parts shop that had grooved discs and EBC pads really cheap - Sorry, I can't remember it, but it should be in the archives.


Richard Eaton

Alan, the 1177s are so good that their performance, even from stone cold, is good- and then when they warm up, they become exceptional.

Interestingly, light braking for traffic lights for example lead to an interesting phenomenon- you apply the brakes for a certain retardation and then, as you travel further and the pads start to warm, you find the car slowing progressively harder- one usually stops 2 or 3 cars lengths ahead of where one planned... interesting as I say! ;o)

Rob Bell

Well I fitted the green pads on the front with the standard disks. I have not had to test them in an emergency yet so I'm not sure how good they are at stopping but one thing for sure the feel of the brakes is much more even than the standard pads and they seem to work better from cold.

Red pads are not really designed for road use and will not perform well under normal driving conditions. The greem pads are a sort of compromise between race and road.

If you have no ABS you really should have decent tyres. Decent pads may stop the wheels faster but if the tyres can't grip it could be more dangerous. I would like the Trophy setup but would have to change my wheels to fit bigger disks so even more expense.

A real big plus point of kevlar pads (whatever colour) is that you don't have to clean your wheels so often :-).
Tony Smith

Remember that the front discs not only are the same as the GTi Metro, but that all 2.0 litre Petrol engined Maestro and Montego's were actually the first users of this disc. When searching out bargains then is is far more productive to ask for something from a 2.0 Montego.

Roger Parker

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