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MG MGF Technical - Ecotek Filter on MGF 1.8i

Has anybody fitted an Ecotek filter to an MGF 1.8i, 1996 or similiar ? Be interested to hear how you got on and if performance increased etc.

Avoid like the plague - it is snake oil.

If they could REALLY delivery what they claim they would have every major car manufacturer beating a path to their door.

Remember the old adage, "if it seems too good to be true then it probably is!"



I agree with Patrick. I've met the Ecotek guys - and they are actually a nice bunch of people. If you fit their stuff, you may find some advantages if your car is completely standard (and you're existing paper airfilter is well used). However, if you've actually already fitted a decent air filter system to your car, then there is no advantage to installing the Ecotek kit. Frankly, it's just more ballast really ;o)
Rob Bell

I already have a K&N57i air kit fitted so I dont think I'll bother. Cheers.

I was taken in and fitted one.

It made such a horrid grating noise on deceleration that I removed it before getting a chance to see if it improved the performance.

I'm sure the noise is not noticeable under a conventional bonnet.

If anybody wants it - it's theirs for 10, including fitting instructions.

Sam Murray

This thread was discussed between 09/12/2003 and 11/12/2003

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