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MG MGF Technical - Ecotek Valves

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of a mod called "Ecotek valves" that fit on the inlet manifold to improve combustion and reduce fuel combustion? Other non MG owners seem to rave over these when they've fitted them on their cars. Is this mod worth considering for VVc and non VVc's?
S.G. Green

There has been some discussions about this device on the Elise Technical BBS recently.

Impression was that this device offers is tentamount to 'snake oil' - basically pie in the sky!

There could be some advantage in fitting one of these devices to a standard MGF. Basically it is an air filter put in line with the air inlet tract- so it is essentially acting as a way of letting in more air in an induction system that may have some restriction.

Better would be to install a proper performance air filter- be that a K&N, ITG or Hurricane kit or whatever. Performance and economy gains will be more impressive that way! Plus, value for money, as measured by bhp/ or mpg/ spent on the modification, a performance air filter will always work out to be the best option...
Rob Bell

This monthes Car & car conversions tested the Ecotek on a rolling road and could not measure an improvement in either power or emissions. Spend your money on something that is known to work, there is plenty to choose from.

Alastair McLeod

Thanks for your comments guys. I guess it's another one of those "miracle" devices that you often see advertised on TV shopping channels. I'll follow your advice.
S.G. Green

This thread was discussed between 17/03/2002 and 20/03/2002

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