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MG MGF Technical - ECU Immobiliser remove & replace


As a potential solution to my on going key fob/immobiliser problems (see lost key fob thread dated 18 June) it has been suggested that I remove the ECU mail it to UK and an immobiliser and key fob(s) will then be matched and sent to me.

2 questions:

1. Is this a sensible course of action? Remote key co are offering to send replacement with programmer as another alternative.

2. How difficult to remove ECU & immobiliser and then re-fit? Any specialist tools required? Husband & neighbour pretty handy but we are a long way from technical support and/or tools!

Please note mine is an export version F so immobiliser, fob etc on export frequency.

As ever many thanks

E J Davies

Remote key, - example..

Is probably the best solution to your preblem.. i think..

I have only had to email them,( no cost and no obligation) to recieve an intelligent response... that did not require me to give them anything than my quiestion seeking an answer.. and i am in the
UK.. so reaching them, like that, and getting unbiased advice for free.. means i recommend them..
N.J. Simon

You are sensible, i think Elona.. Your MGF Problem, is not one you discard easily, therefore its why you are here, why you own an MGF, and why you seek a solution..Remote Key shares that..
N.J. Simon

This thread was discussed between 20/06/2012 and 22/06/2012

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