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MG MGF Technical - Ekotek Valves

Had a look at

Better economy, lower emissions, better low down pull.

Seems too good to be true.

Any comments?


it is too good to be true
Will Munns

A load of tosh, IMHO.

Others swear by it, but I'm unconvinced. If it was that good, the OEM's would be fitting something similar, surely?

Okay I'm unsure about this as well , but a trawl around the WWW seems to point to a number of private web sites who mention how to fit it and what they thought of it, I've yet to find one that says don't bother !, even the car mags gave it the thumbs up.
I might even be tempted, not for the performance increases but fuel economy of course !
Mike M2 VJN , Yellow Trophy

Just searched the archives, they have been mentioned before on the technical page, seems we were not impressed.

Complete tosh!
Ian walker

Dave Walker did a rolling road test on them in CCC magazine and they were complete crap!

>>Others swear by it<<

I'd swear at it!!! ;o) IMO this device is simply another way of admitting more intake air into the plenum. If your car has a restrictive air intake system, then this device may well result in a promising gain in both power and performance. However, if your MG already has a replacement air filter system (as our cars do Paul ;o)) then we already HAVE a system that admits more air into the inlet manifold. Therefore, I don't see how this device will be any more efficient than a proper induction system - in fact, I'd expect it not to be anything like as good.

Rob Bell

I used to own one when I had my rover 216 cab and I can confirm it does work. I got about 80 odd more miles out of a tank.

However it makes a bit of a wheezing noise so if anyone is intrested in getting one i would recomend the air filter thingy that sits on it

Chris Glen

CCC magazine as Marcus says ran a test on a Golf (from memory) and said that it made no effect what so ever. However they were carefull to state that it could make a difference on other engines. But to be honest it doesnt look to promising - especially when you take a close look at how they work and how crude they are.

I am a little dubious about the 'quality' of some of the magazines that have said its great.

A number of Elise owners have tried it on the K and found no advantage at all.


Owen Geddes

Old and by definition crude engine designs will show a benefit from a simple weakening effect of the mixture, not that this will do any good long term on the service life of valves that are then running hotter. You can do the same by drilling a small hole somewhere engine side of the throttle and it doesn't cost much!!

Looking at claims then made for some operating conditions for injection engines I see they claim emission improvements at times when most engines are running in 'over run fuel cut off' conditions. This is a real breakthrough, being able to show emission improvements at a time when no fuel is being burned. I wonder how that would be explained?????

Roger Parker

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