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MG MGF Technical - electric hoods

I have a question regarding electric hood options for the MG F

Heres the background

Im a dyed in the wool MG owner, having a 1935 PA midget, which is driven regularly and to some effect.

My wife drives a F**d Escort but is looking to change to a sports(ish) car.

The choice lies between the MG F, the Peugeot 206 Coupe Cabriolet and the Mazda MX5

The F would be my preference, but then, Im biased! The drawback, however is the manual hood, which is deemed to be too fiddly for everyday use

The Peugeot has this interesting retractable roof feature and aircon as standard.

The Mazda well, its a Mazda .............

So heres the question.
Is there an option on the F for an electrically operated hood? If not a regular option, is there a supplier out there that offers electrical conversions ?

And is aircon an option?

Grateful for any responses
Dick Morbey

I've seen adverts for a power hood conversion . I think B&G and Mike Satur do one for around 700 not fitted ( i might be wrong ) . They both advertise on here.

The hood on the F is very easy to use. Two clamps at the front is all it needs, even my wife manages it without a problem!
Stuart Elliot

Yes you can get an electric hood kit, not sure if you can from MGR but B&G will sell you a kit. If you are really lazy you can even order it online at

The main thing I have against it is that the motor takes up all the space in the cubby under the arm rest. Where would I put my Mini Disks then?

The "Manual" hood is one of the easiest going, flick back the two clips in front of you and throw the hood back, could not be simpler. If it's going to be down for some time you may wish to unzip the top of the rear window, but apart from that nearly as simple as pressing a button only much faster.

Airco is a factory option on the MGF, the only drawback I can think of is that you won't be able to supercharge it in the future as the Airco unit fits just where the supercharger would go. :-)
Tony Smith

Hi There,
Just to re-iterate what has been allready sais, my girlfriend can operate the hood on my VVC with no problems without getting out of the car. May I humbly suggest a drive down to a rover dealer and try a manual hood out. They have come a long way singe the early MGs


Dear All,

Thanx for the abundant comments and for the straight forward common sense advice.

Manual is clearly the way to go, as most of you and Mrs Morbey now accept!!

Dick Morbey


Have you (plural) tried the F's hood for yourselves? If you wanted to you could try mine (I come to Marlow most Monday evenings - tonight, in fact!) and could meet up with you if you liked)...

The comment on the windstop is correct - my (Newton Commercial / Chromdesign) one does get in the way a bit, but you can push it back while you grab the leading edge of the roof. I must admit I DO, however tend to get out of the car when lowering the roof - that way I am sure the rear (original, 1997) rear screen has gone down correctly and doesn't have any kinks in it - particularly on colder morning.



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