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MG MGF Technical - Electric mirror wiring

Hi all

Got some mgf electric mirrors but havn't got a centre loom,
How hard is it to make or can you buy just the electric mirror loom from Rover?
Or are they the same in say a mk2 Rover 200/800 or something which i could get the wires from down a scrapyard?

If you fitted some how have you done it?


Martin McFeely

I've not fitted this kit John, but the mirrors and switch gear are all R200, so a scrap yard search should yield all the parts you need.
Rob Bell


Is that the mk2 rover 200 aswell, I know the bubble is the same but dont see any of them in the scrapyard yet,

Has anyone else fitted them to theirs?


Martin McFeely

I bought an electric mirror kit some years ago from SP Performance at Silverstone and was told by the guy on the stand that it contained R200 mirrors. These were fitted with different multiplugs to the F mirrors and the wires were too short as well, so it was not a straight-forward swop. I took a power lead froma spare tab, (15?) in the junction box below the steering wheel, (RHD, fitted a 10A fuse and the things worked. The only real hassles were fitting the multiplug attached to the mirror wires through the door gaitor, (lots of vaseline) and positioning the hole for the switch on the door card. I think most people just mount the switch on the dash but it doesn't sit quite flush because the mating surfaces don't quite match.

The Moss kit was similar to mine at the time, but it may have been improved since and I can't vouch for any others.

Christopher Marshall

John, the internal switch gear is actually identical to that used in the Montego/Maestro that you're familiar with, so I suspect that the Mk2 R200 may have similar (unless it is equipped with a Honda-derived switch?)

Sounds as though you had fun and games with your switch Chris - did you take any pix at the time of performing the work?
Rob Bell

LOL Its not John its his son Martin,

I have got some MGF mirrors and fitted them to my K-series Metro, look a tiny bit better than the fixed glass mirror it has as standard.
The MGF uses metro mirrors so there a straight swap and fit straight on but then theres the wiring, I was going to use The Montego wires because the Metro and Montego use the same fuse box and the whole car looms are very simular so it has the out put for the electric mirrors and electric sunroof on the fuse box already.

I have a montego loom which uses the ford switch but this is only 5 wires per mirror, and the MGF has 6,
So now need to find another loom which is 6 wires per mirror.

the Rover 200 mk2 uses the Honda switch,
I am just a bit confused which loom to use and get.
I have seen a few mirror sets sell on ebay, anyone buy them on here and fit them ok?


Martin McFeely

Doooooooooh! Many apologies Martin! I think your Dad posts here too often LOL!!! ;o) ;o)

The difference between a 5 and 6 wire loom would, I guess, be down to the mirror heating. Check out the wiring diagrams for the MGF on Dieter's website for confirmation:

Personally, I'd use Montego/Maestro parts rather than the Honda derived bits from the Mk2 Honda.

Good luck with the project, and let us know how you get on :o)
Rob Bell

I fitted a set of mirrors. I got the loom and new cowel with the switch from the MGF Centre. From memory there are six wires to each mirror, all of which, but one go to the control switch. It was all plug and go, with the only two wires I had to terminate were 0V (ground) and ignition 12V.

I would def. say get a loom from somewhere, and not try and make it yourself.

As mentioned the six wire version is for the heated mirror. Each mirror has 0V and 12V constantly for the heating element. (Ignition switched). The remaining four are two pairs for up / down, left / right control, with the switch reversing the polarity to the motors to change direction.

Richard P

hi Richard P

Can I ask how much the loom was and and contact details for the MGF centre


Martin McFeely

Sorry can't remember, but give Victoria a call on (01902) 403045 or visit

Richard P

Hi Martin,
I have bought some Electric mirrors on Ebay before the summer and had to make my own wiring loom as a second hand loom was hard to come-by or to expensive.

I used the electrical diagrams in the workshop manual to help me.

I had to buy a joystick switch and also a second cowel of the MGF centre. I think they might do a deal if you exchange with your old cowel.
Garry O


I'm on the same matter, ... errr ... since month ;)
Sourced a joystick from a Vauxhall.

Anyway, the TF wiring diagram may be useful here.

Dieter K.

I was going to ask how this project was coming along Dieter: house matters delaying progress?
Rob Bell

Apology, *off topic*
house matters delay everything currently.
Will report about this *mirror knitting* at the other place later this year .. or next year ... ;)
Dieter K.

LOL - I understand completely! :o)
Rob Bell

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