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MG MGF Technical - Electric Mirrors

I have a mgtf with manual mirrors. Can I fit electric mirrors? I know the switches are not there, but is the wiring loom (as per the HRW)for the switches and mirrors?

C Martin

Yours is the TF115, which has the same door mirror arrangement as the older MGF with manual mirrors. I don't know whether you have a wiring harness already in situ, waiting to be used, but other wise, fitting electric mirrors is a straightforward job - direct swap.

I am pretty sure that there are on-line guides somewhere for exactly this task, as it is a well-troden path for many MGF owners.

Good luck, and do let us know how you get on :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks for that Rob, found an on-line guide and it looks like wiring is in place. Just need to save up for a pair of mirrors and a control joy stick.
C Martin

Rimmer Bros have some electric mirrors on offer at 25 each.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

I saw that - bargain, particularly if they have your colour in stock. :o)
Rob Bell

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