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MG MGF Technical - electric windows

Help. Have just been given a P reg MG MGF and I love it but the electric window on the drivers side is driving me insane. It opens OK but then I have to fiddle with it for ages before it will close. I havent got a wiring diagram or a manual, both ordered but not yet arrived, and my boss is threatening to sack me coz I spend so long in the car park at work trying to close the window. I am an impoverished nurse, whose job is in jepardy anyway so any help anyone can offer would be gratly appreciated. I dont know if its the relay or what. Help PLEAAAAAAAAAAAse!

Is it really an electrical problem ???

Anyway, go this way.

and the window relay is on the right of the fuse panel.
Either the red one, or the yellow. (can't recall)

How lucky to have been 'given' a MGF!


I too have a problem with my windows in my 99 F. When I originally bought the car, a few days later it started to play up. Took it to the shop and they said, "Oh, well, that's a $700 mechanism needing replaced.". Ouch I said.

In frustration, I did some of my own testing. The drivers side window was acting the same as yours. I ended up taking the drivers side window switch out and swapping witht he apsengers side switch. Guess what - worked perfectly. So now I know it's not a $700 repair (plus labour). I asked the local shop for a new switch. "Oh, well, that's a $70 part plus it takes about 4 weeks to come from the UK.". Ok, now I'm getting frustrated.

So, a few days later when stuck in classic Sydney traffic, I fiddle with the "broken" switch. I actually pull it apart sitting at some traffic lights. Have a look at the simple system and notice a large amount of carbon build-up. I think back to high school - carbon is not a good conductor of electricity - wonder if that's the problem.

I get home, get some light sand paper and remove the carbon. Put the switch back together and install back in the car. WWWhhhhhooooohhhhooo - it works. So, the problem was justa little carbon in the switch.

Comes back to get me every 6 months, where I pull it apart again and fix. No problems really.

Might be worht giving it a go before worrying about replacing electric window mechanisms.

Good luck.

Sonny Foster

My passenger side window did the same. IT was the switch. You can take it apart (pry off the switch part), Watch out for how the parts go together. Clean the contact surfaces and reassemble. I think that the switch is not capable of handling the current and would be better to fit a relay controlled by the switch. I will get round to it one day.

It looks like Sonny is right. The final check would be to remove the door panel which gives easy access to the motor connector. Two wires which reverse polarity for Up and Down.
The Mechanism (Motor with arms) come new on E-Bay from 75, from the usual Suspects at about 140 and 260 from Dealers.
Door panel fixings including the Plastic Sheet are available from Rimmer Bros. Part Numbers are on Dieter's EPC.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

I am not sure that sanding the surfaces is the best solution - it provides a good surface area for corrosion. Best to use a contact cleaner/ solvent to clean off the carbon deposits.

But nice one Sonny - a very nice, CHEAP solution to the problem!!! :o)
Rob Bell

MGF was a wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks anniversary present, am too old to get me leg over the trike now,(Let alone anything else!) so the old man thought this would be the next best thing, and I love it. As fo the little problem, took everyones advice and sapped the switches, and guess what-its the switch, so the old mans out gettin a new one as we speak.
Cheers everyone.

You are so lucky. My motor worked OK but the window went nowhere. A 10p plastic gear in the gearbox had failed which cost me a new mechanism although I do have a good motor in the spares box for next week/year.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

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