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MG MGF Technical - Electrics problem


My mates MGF has developed an electrical problem.

The radio has stopped working.
The clock has stopped working - but does kick back in to life with engine started.
The internal light doesn't work.
And now the alarm goes off ???

Any ideas where I should start looking.

Hi Dez,
I'd start by looking at the fuses - they're under a panel just below the steering wheel. The clock, interior lights and radio are all controlled by one fuse so check that first.



My friends windows on her MGF have stopped working. The fuses are ok but there is no supply to the fuses whether the ignition is on or off. Can any one sugest where to look for the problem????

A bit more info. I managed to get both windows up by linking a supply to the revelent window fuses from the supply side of an adjecent fuse that was live. The window circuit after the fuses is ok.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks

Steve Rix

If the fuse you jumped was FS6 in the passenger compartment have a look in the under the bonnet fusebox at link 3 which supplies FS6. Be faintly aware of thread hijacking!

It may seem odd, but check for broken wires in the loom that passes next to the left hand boot hinge
C Tideswell

The wiring loom can also get trapped at the back of the radio or the glove box.


This thread was discussed on 17/11/2006

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