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MG MGF Technical - Emissions Test Report

I have imported a 1999 MGF into Australia and now need a copy of an official emissions test report to be able to comply this car for Australian road use. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction. MG in Australia dont want to know.
T Wood

Dieter probably has a copy of this - his website is here:
Rob Bell

You can probably get a Certificate of Conformity from for your actual car with the Emission figures.
Expensive but the real thing.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Thanks for that I have emailed both sources and will advise outcome
T Wood

Hi Tony,
call received.
Unfortunately I don't own such documentations. The source suggested by Geoff should be the easy way, even it may be not the cheapest.

Anyway, it may be useful to get in touch also with the representative for east, or west Australia, cause the emmissions are not the only problems with an import car.
write to east.australia (at) Andrew Regens

Good luck

Good suggestion Dieter - Andrew should be able to point you in the right direction. I presume that this is a Japanese market car? There should be a wealth of experience of bringing these cars in within the MG community, and Andrew should be able to point you in the general right direction :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Guys, mgrccservices have not replied to my emails so i assume they cant help. I will try andrew thanks deiter. I have everything else covered except the emissions and although the aussie authorities already have them we must produce our own copy.
T Wood

T Wood.

I have just brought in an MG midget and a Frogeye into Australia and had stupid things to comply to with regards to Queensland Transport regs. Like taking out the perfectly good original equipment seat belts and fitting some crap Australian / NZ approved retractables that I feel would be worse that useless in the case of an accident! Brake pipes and hoses can also be an issue plus of course rust... even slight surface rust CAN cause an issue.

I also have friends with an MGB and an MG F on the water... they have all this to go through.

I'd like to hear how you go on with the emissions report.

If you are down on the Gold Coast, call in and shoot the breeze...

M T Boldry

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